Thursday , December 13th 2018
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Why Ionic Air Purifiers Are Good For Your Health

Air pollution is currently a problem that seems inevitable in almost every home. Most homes have therefore resorted to using air purifiers to remove pollution particles such as dust and pollen, thereby keeping the entire climate of the home healthy. Ionic air purifiers are particularly highly recommended when filtering airborne contaminants out of the home. Air purifiers can remove particles from the air through three common methods which include filtration, electrostatic precipitation and ionizing. This article focuses on the health benefits of ionic air purifiers. It is, however worthy to note that ionic air purifiers remove pollution particles from the room by electrically charging air molecules.

First of all, there are indications that ionic air purifiers can help reduce tension, thereby reducing stress and improving sleep patterns. Results from a few studies have also suggested that people suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) could use air ionizers in their homes to reduce their symptoms. Also, there are remarkable benefits on the reported physiological effects of negative ions on those who used an air ionizer. These physiological effects nevertheless include increased well-being, increase resistance to infections, decreased skin temperature as well as decreased blood pressure.

Furthermore, using an ionic air purifier helps in preventing odors, germs and bacteria brought into our homes by pets. Most of us share our homes with pets such as cats, dogs, or rabbits and many of these pets can bring urine stains, skin dander, germs and even unpleasant odors with them. Besides, some people have allergies and these odors could cause respiratory distress which could in turn result in a hospital visit. Vacuuming your space in a bid to prevent the inconveniences brought into the house by pets can never be enough. It’s important to acquire a top quality ionic air purifier to get rid of the pollutants caused by pets.

Using ionic air purifiers will help in preventing certain health problems. For instance, mold spores that thrive in both damp and humid areas could cause severe lung infections as well as breathing difficulties if inhaled. Dust mites are another problem in the home. Dust mites have been scientifically proven to cause skin allergies and irritations. More so, it has also been scientifically proven that passive cigarette smoke inhalation can cause lung cancer in non-smokers. These health hazards in the home are why it is so important to purchase a good quality ionic air purifier. When functioning properly, an ionic air purifier will prevent and get rid of such health hazards, and overall improve your quality of life.

It is no news that our household surfaces contain many dangerous bacteria that could be transferred to parts of the human body through contact with such surfaces. Flu virus particles can also move from person to person through sneezing. An ionic air purifier will prevent these problems from occurring in your home or office.

What is the best Ionic Air Purifier?

A lot of people ask me “Which Ionic Purifier should I buy?” or “Which Ionic Purifier is the best?”. My answer is always the same; it depends. You can spend hundreds of dollars on a really nice air purifier that lasts a long time with top-of-the-line features or you can buy a cheaper air purifier that may not last forever but still gets the job done. Where you are planning on using the air purifier is also something to consider. For example, larger rooms typically need larger purifiers, which naturally cost more.

As far as Ionic Air Purifiers in different price ranges go, these are the ones I recommend: