Trying to find an HVAC technician

I love almost everything about where I live.

I am fortunate enough to live on a few acres of land out in the country. I was not born into this life, but it was a lifestyle I sought out and worked for after growing tired of life in the city. I loved the simpleness of it all, and when I was there I felt like I could finally find my peace. The only downside was that it was a long trip into town, and if something were to ever break, it could be difficult to get someone out here to repair it. That was the case with my heating and air conditioning system. It was an older HVAC system, but we knew that we were in trouble when it started making a lot of loud banging noises. We then noticed that the air conditioning system was struggling to put out air and when we would place our hands in front of the air vent, there was hardly any air flowing out at all! We must have called every heating and air conditioning company in town and we had no luck, they were not willing to travel the distance because of how far out we lived. We called some friends of ours, stressed and not knowing what to do, and that is when someone suggested that we try a mobile HVAC company, since they come to you. So we gave it a try. My wife and I looked up mobile heating and cooling businesses and when we spoke to the people on the phone they were very friendly and assured us that they would be there in no time. They arrived quickly and took a look at our heating and air conditioning system and after only a half an hour it was fixed.

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