The store was too cold

When a brand new grocery store opened up in my town, I was really excited.

I loved to try new things and I was excited about going in there to see what items they had.

I was there on opening day and was one of the first customers inside the store. I was very happy when I saw they had a lot of my favorite items from my favorite brands at low prices. I wasted no time and started adding things to my basket straight away. However as I made my way towards the middle of the store, I began to feel colder and colder. It got so cold that I considered leaving and I was wondering why they kept the place so cold. I was not in the freezer section. I then noticed a very large commercial HVAC system on the wall and it was blasting out lots of cold air. I decided that I did not want to continue shopping due to being cold and made my way back up by the entrance of the store to pay for my items and leave. Even though I left early that day, I still wanted to see the rest of what they had, so I remembered to bring a sweater and visited again the following Tuesday and this time the cold air from the heating and cooling system did not bother me. I got to do all of the shopping I wanted and then return home to my own HVAC system. When I walked into my home the house was already warm thanks to the smart thermostat I had and the warmth felt like a welcoming hug. Gotta love HVAC technology!

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