The heated flooring was the perfect addition for my home

The floors were lifted so the heating elements could be installed beneath them

When you live in a cold climate, you know how important it is to stay warm. While people in more climate neutral areas may not have to worry too much about having regular HVAC tune-ups and upgrades, here it is something nobody wants to miss and is very important. If you go without heating here you could very well freeze to death! As a result most people have multiple methods of heating their homes. I have your standard central heating system as well as a portable space heater as a backup in case the central heater ever stops working. However as of recently radiant heated flooring has become all of the rage. The central heating system warms the air but with radiant heated flooring you have warm floors too. Many people that I know personally are rushing out to get them and I decided that I wanted to have it too. The more heat systems I have, the safer I am from the cold is the way I look at it. So I contacted my local heating and a/c business and made the purchase. It was easy and simple to set up an HVAC appointment and two days later a heating professional made his way out to my home. The floors were lifted so the heating elements could be installed beneath them. When the floor was put back in place you could hardly even notice they had ever been lifted with how smooth everything was. Now my home is complete with all the heating I will need and I love it.

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