The ductless mini split a/c helped us through

My girlfriend and I had been together for five years.

For as long as we had been together, and as close as we were, everyone was asking the big question, when were we going to get married? It was the obvious next step in the relationship and according to everyone else we were taking our time.

We told them to stop rushing us, and that it would happen when the time was right. We did want to marry each other, it was something we had discussed many times, however we were waiting for the right time and were not going to let family and friends rush us into it. Recently she and I moved into our second place together. In our first apartment together we had stayed there for three years but now we are ready to move into a nicer place. Our old place had been perfect for us because despite it being an inexpensive and small apartment, it had the best heating and cooling system. We always knew that when we were coming home to it, we were coming home to great indoor air quality and comfort. Our new place however, was much larger and much fancier, however the indoor air quality there was terrible. It didn’t help that our temperature preferences were different, and in our old place the HVAC system served both our needs equally, here we would need to find a solution. We decided to purchase a ductless mini split air conditioner along with a few air purifiers and thankfully this took care of the bad indoor air.

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