The air filters made all the difference

I never knew how important air filters were until I was talking to a friend of mine.

One of my closest friends had just graduated college and found a job and we were reconnecting and talking about our lives.

He has become a certified HVAC technician and was telling me all about how the different heating and cooling systems work. It wasn’t just his job, it was his passion and he started asking me some questions about my own heater and air conditioning. So I brought up how my central heating and air conditioning system was doing fine, but mentioned that I was having some problems with the indoor air quality. He asked me if I had a good quality air filter, and I said yes but with some hesitation. Now that he mentioned it, I never had even thought of my air filters that much and while I knew for sure that I had one, I wasn’t sure how good or bad quality it was and just assumed it was a good one. He must have noticed my hesitation because he asked me if it was one of the disposable filters and I said yes. He then informed me that those are not good quality and recommended that I get a HEPA filter. Since he is a friend of mine he was able to give me a discount with his heating and cooling business. I noticed that once I had the HEPA filter that made all the difference, and I had good indoor air quality again.

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