My kids got in trouble at school

My husband and I have three children between the ages of 8 and 12.

Like any family with kids, our children go to school everyday.

It was a normal Monday like any other until that afternoon when I got a phone call from the school informing me that my children had gotten into trouble. I was really surprised because I know that my kids are good kids and rarely do anything to get themselves in trouble at school. When I asked for more information about what they had done, they wouldn’t tell me over the phone and wanted me to come in instead to discuss it with me. I figured it must have been bad but I left that afternoon and went to see what the problem was. When I arrived I was to speak to the teacher and the principal about their behavior. I will admit that as much as I should have been focusing on my kids, I couldn’t help but to focus on how hot it was in the building. Was there no air conditioning in here at all? Because I was starting to sweat. I met the teacher and the principal only to be informed that my children’s “bad behavior” was merely them complaining about how hot and heated it was in the school. I guess the HVAC system in the school had stopped working and they were tired of hearing the kids complaining and so instead of getting it fixed, they chose instead to punish those who complain. This only made me angry because coming to the school was just a big waste of time, with as hot as it was in the building it was no wonder the kids were complaining! I’d complain too. We all went home and my kids weren’t punished.

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