I was in a rough patch

Have you ever had those times in life where it seems like everything is going wrong? I know we all go through rough periods at times, such is just a part of living unfortunately.

Times where it isn’t just a bad day, it’s a bad week, or month(s), possibly even a year or more. It feels like no matter what you do it is one unfortunate day after the next. This has been my life as of recently, I lost two of the people in my life that were the closest to me, had managed to get a great job but made a stupid mistake and lost it, and had my wife cheat on my all within a year. Now those are all the big things, but sometimes it isn’t the big things at all, sometimes it’s the accumulation of the small things that are just as bad. This morning when I woke up I was hot and sweaty and I realized that the air conditioner must not be working. I made my way downstairs to check on the HVAC system and as I was fumbling around in the darkness of the house, I stubbed my toe into the wall. Now I found that my air conditioning system is broken and I need to schedule an appointment with the heating and a/c technician. The news didn’t get any better when the heating and cooling specialist arrived. He told me that I had multiple things wrong with my central air conditioning system and when he told me the price to repair it, my day got even worse. Now I had a throbbing toe and a just as painful HVAC bill to go along with it. I guess I’m just hoping that I can get out of this rough patch soon and start getting better.


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