I am so glad my parents got rid of the furnace

When I was growing up I lived in a really nice house.

It really was the perfect place for us kids, the house was a large two story with lots of land and many rooms to play in. Rarely were we bored because we could always find someplace to play in. There was only one room that my siblings and I avoided at all costs and that was the basement. It was dark and damp and had an eerie red glow from the furnace that lived down there. Even if you were not in the basement, just standing at the top of the staircase and looking down at the steps as they gradually descended into the darkness was creepy, but that wasn’t all of it. The furnace was old and would frequently make loud noises that scared us as kids. We all hated that furnace and wanted our parents to get rid of it when we were kids but they never did, I think they thought we were overreacting. We all grew up, went to college and moved out. Years later when it was super old and wasn’t doing so well our parents finally got rid of it. I hate to admit it but even as an adult that thing still gave me the creeps, I would visit my parents and if I had to go down to the basement I would always hurry. You never felt alone down there, so I was glad to see the furnace go and instead my parents upgraded to a hot water boiler and a smart thermostat. It was a welcome change.


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