I took the window air conditioner with me everywhere

I am in love with my window air conditioner.

  • I know that to many people that is going to sound strange, but it is true! I have had this same window air conditioner longer than I have had my children.

I am the joke of my family because I always take it with me everywhere. I guess I have always been one of those people that have very specific heating and air conditioning wants and needs. My husband and kids all thought it was funny when I brought my window air conditioner with me when we went out to eat. I got some strange looks from people that did not understand, but I just ignored it. Because I use my window air conditioner so often, my husband and kids get the central heating and air conditioning system all to themselves. I am fine as long as I have my own a/c. They can laugh at me and think that it is weird all they want, but they quickly change their minds whenever they need some HVAC technology. For example, just last month my husband and I took our kids to the park to play and have fun. The trouble was, it started quickly getting hot and then everybody was complaining about being hot and sweaty, lucky for them I had an air conditioning system. Nobody was complaining when I took out my window air conditioner and everybody got to enjoy the nice and cool air. They quickly changed their tune and were just happy to have some nice cool air to cool down too.

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Our house wasn’t haunted after all

We were so relieved to get a logical conclusion to the strangeness that had been occurring in our home that we were not even worried about the price and paid to have the HVAC system repaired

When my wife and I moved into our first home together it was one of the happiest moments of our lives. We could talk for hours about all of the things we wanted to do and all of the dreams we had, the family we would plan. The conversation was never ending. However, we noticed that after the first few months of moving in the house was always cold. Even when we had the heater on it still was icy cold. We heard the floors creaking in the middle of the night, and the strangeness only continued when we would feel cold air rush by us in the middle of the night. However, the worst of it was when the banging started. We would hear what sounded like banging on the walls. We were really freaked out and were thinking our house was haunted. We continued on and did our best to ignore it and I scheduled our yearly HVAC appointment so a heating and cooling professional could check and see how our heating and a/c system was doing. When the HVAC tech arrived he informed us that we had some serious issues, first there were loose parts in the air conditioner that was causing loud banging noises, and the ductwork had a leak in it that was causing cold drafts of air. The heater was also working inefficiently and so the house was always cold. We were so relieved to get a logical conclusion to the strangeness that had been occurring in our home that we were not even worried about the price and paid to have the HVAC system repaired. So it was the heating and cooling system all along and not a haunting. And those creaky floors? It turned out to just be loose floorboards. The house was old and needed a lot of work.

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I am so glad my parents got rid of the furnace

When I was growing up I lived in a really nice house.

It really was the perfect place for us kids, the house was a large two story with lots of land and many rooms to play in. Rarely were we bored because we could always find someplace to play in. There was only one room that my siblings and I avoided at all costs and that was the basement. It was dark and damp and had an eerie red glow from the furnace that lived down there. Even if you were not in the basement, just standing at the top of the staircase and looking down at the steps as they gradually descended into the darkness was creepy, but that wasn’t all of it. The furnace was old and would frequently make loud noises that scared us as kids. We all hated that furnace and wanted our parents to get rid of it when we were kids but they never did, I think they thought we were overreacting. We all grew up, went to college and moved out. Years later when it was super old and wasn’t doing so well our parents finally got rid of it. I hate to admit it but even as an adult that thing still gave me the creeps, I would visit my parents and if I had to go down to the basement I would always hurry. You never felt alone down there, so I was glad to see the furnace go and instead my parents upgraded to a hot water boiler and a smart thermostat. It was a welcome change.


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The heated flooring was the perfect addition for my home

The floors were lifted so the heating elements could be installed beneath them

When you live in a cold climate, you know how important it is to stay warm. While people in more climate neutral areas may not have to worry too much about having regular HVAC tune-ups and upgrades, here it is something nobody wants to miss and is very important. If you go without heating here you could very well freeze to death! As a result most people have multiple methods of heating their homes. I have your standard central heating system as well as a portable space heater as a backup in case the central heater ever stops working. However as of recently radiant heated flooring has become all of the rage. The central heating system warms the air but with radiant heated flooring you have warm floors too. Many people that I know personally are rushing out to get them and I decided that I wanted to have it too. The more heat systems I have, the safer I am from the cold is the way I look at it. So I contacted my local heating and a/c business and made the purchase. It was easy and simple to set up an HVAC appointment and two days later a heating professional made his way out to my home. The floors were lifted so the heating elements could be installed beneath them. When the floor was put back in place you could hardly even notice they had ever been lifted with how smooth everything was. Now my home is complete with all the heating I will need and I love it.

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My kids got in trouble at school

My husband and I have three children between the ages of 8 and 12.

Like any family with kids, our children go to school everyday.

It was a normal Monday like any other until that afternoon when I got a phone call from the school informing me that my children had gotten into trouble. I was really surprised because I know that my kids are good kids and rarely do anything to get themselves in trouble at school. When I asked for more information about what they had done, they wouldn’t tell me over the phone and wanted me to come in instead to discuss it with me. I figured it must have been bad but I left that afternoon and went to see what the problem was. When I arrived I was to speak to the teacher and the principal about their behavior. I will admit that as much as I should have been focusing on my kids, I couldn’t help but to focus on how hot it was in the building. Was there no air conditioning in here at all? Because I was starting to sweat. I met the teacher and the principal only to be informed that my children’s “bad behavior” was merely them complaining about how hot and heated it was in the school. I guess the HVAC system in the school had stopped working and they were tired of hearing the kids complaining and so instead of getting it fixed, they chose instead to punish those who complain. This only made me angry because coming to the school was just a big waste of time, with as hot as it was in the building it was no wonder the kids were complaining! I’d complain too. We all went home and my kids weren’t punished.

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The store was too cold

When a brand new grocery store opened up in my town, I was really excited.

I loved to try new things and I was excited about going in there to see what items they had.

I was there on opening day and was one of the first customers inside the store. I was very happy when I saw they had a lot of my favorite items from my favorite brands at low prices. I wasted no time and started adding things to my basket straight away. However as I made my way towards the middle of the store, I began to feel colder and colder. It got so cold that I considered leaving and I was wondering why they kept the place so cold. I was not in the freezer section. I then noticed a very large commercial HVAC system on the wall and it was blasting out lots of cold air. I decided that I did not want to continue shopping due to being cold and made my way back up by the entrance of the store to pay for my items and leave. Even though I left early that day, I still wanted to see the rest of what they had, so I remembered to bring a sweater and visited again the following Tuesday and this time the cold air from the heating and cooling system did not bother me. I got to do all of the shopping I wanted and then return home to my own HVAC system. When I walked into my home the house was already warm thanks to the smart thermostat I had and the warmth felt like a welcoming hug. Gotta love HVAC technology!

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Trying to find an HVAC technician

I love almost everything about where I live.

I am fortunate enough to live on a few acres of land out in the country. I was not born into this life, but it was a lifestyle I sought out and worked for after growing tired of life in the city. I loved the simpleness of it all, and when I was there I felt like I could finally find my peace. The only downside was that it was a long trip into town, and if something were to ever break, it could be difficult to get someone out here to repair it. That was the case with my heating and air conditioning system. It was an older HVAC system, but we knew that we were in trouble when it started making a lot of loud banging noises. We then noticed that the air conditioning system was struggling to put out air and when we would place our hands in front of the air vent, there was hardly any air flowing out at all! We must have called every heating and air conditioning company in town and we had no luck, they were not willing to travel the distance because of how far out we lived. We called some friends of ours, stressed and not knowing what to do, and that is when someone suggested that we try a mobile HVAC company, since they come to you. So we gave it a try. My wife and I looked up mobile heating and cooling businesses and when we spoke to the people on the phone they were very friendly and assured us that they would be there in no time. They arrived quickly and took a look at our heating and air conditioning system and after only a half an hour it was fixed.

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The air filters made all the difference

I never knew how important air filters were until I was talking to a friend of mine.

One of my closest friends had just graduated college and found a job and we were reconnecting and talking about our lives.

He has become a certified HVAC technician and was telling me all about how the different heating and cooling systems work. It wasn’t just his job, it was his passion and he started asking me some questions about my own heater and air conditioning. So I brought up how my central heating and air conditioning system was doing fine, but mentioned that I was having some problems with the indoor air quality. He asked me if I had a good quality air filter, and I said yes but with some hesitation. Now that he mentioned it, I never had even thought of my air filters that much and while I knew for sure that I had one, I wasn’t sure how good or bad quality it was and just assumed it was a good one. He must have noticed my hesitation because he asked me if it was one of the disposable filters and I said yes. He then informed me that those are not good quality and recommended that I get a HEPA filter. Since he is a friend of mine he was able to give me a discount with his heating and cooling business. I noticed that once I had the HEPA filter that made all the difference, and I had good indoor air quality again.

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I was in a rough patch

Have you ever had those times in life where it seems like everything is going wrong? I know we all go through rough periods at times, such is just a part of living unfortunately.

Times where it isn’t just a bad day, it’s a bad week, or month(s), possibly even a year or more. It feels like no matter what you do it is one unfortunate day after the next. This has been my life as of recently, I lost two of the people in my life that were the closest to me, had managed to get a great job but made a stupid mistake and lost it, and had my wife cheat on my all within a year. Now those are all the big things, but sometimes it isn’t the big things at all, sometimes it’s the accumulation of the small things that are just as bad. This morning when I woke up I was hot and sweaty and I realized that the air conditioner must not be working. I made my way downstairs to check on the HVAC system and as I was fumbling around in the darkness of the house, I stubbed my toe into the wall. Now I found that my air conditioning system is broken and I need to schedule an appointment with the heating and a/c technician. The news didn’t get any better when the heating and cooling specialist arrived. He told me that I had multiple things wrong with my central air conditioning system and when he told me the price to repair it, my day got even worse. Now I had a throbbing toe and a just as painful HVAC bill to go along with it. I guess I’m just hoping that I can get out of this rough patch soon and start getting better.


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The ductless mini split a/c helped us through

My girlfriend and I had been together for five years.

For as long as we had been together, and as close as we were, everyone was asking the big question, when were we going to get married? It was the obvious next step in the relationship and according to everyone else we were taking our time.

We told them to stop rushing us, and that it would happen when the time was right. We did want to marry each other, it was something we had discussed many times, however we were waiting for the right time and were not going to let family and friends rush us into it. Recently she and I moved into our second place together. In our first apartment together we had stayed there for three years but now we are ready to move into a nicer place. Our old place had been perfect for us because despite it being an inexpensive and small apartment, it had the best heating and cooling system. We always knew that when we were coming home to it, we were coming home to great indoor air quality and comfort. Our new place however, was much larger and much fancier, however the indoor air quality there was terrible. It didn’t help that our temperature preferences were different, and in our old place the HVAC system served both our needs equally, here we would need to find a solution. We decided to purchase a ductless mini split air conditioner along with a few air purifiers and thankfully this took care of the bad indoor air.

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