Why you should switch to hybrid heating

Ok, I assume that both of us are heading out of the Winter season, so you might not be thinking too much about your home’s heating method but hear myself and others out! What kind of heating method do you have? Furnace? Boiler? Heat pump? Well, have you thought about having more than one form of heating unit? Probably not.

I particularly didn’t assume of it until our sibling became an Heating and A/C worker a few years back.

He started telling myself and others about all of the strange forms of heating and cooling solutions and I was interested to assume what I could do to save money on our biweekly heating and cooling bill. I had a heating system, like all the people in the area, as our central heating source. I had heard of heat pumps before, but only as a solution for someone who lives in a temperature that’s pretty mild year-round. My sibling asked myself and others to check out hybrid heating and I did. I had never heard of hybrid heating, but once I looked into it I was excited. Hybrid heating is essentially combining a heat pump with a heating system. In case you haven’t heard of a heat pump, it’s essentially an air conditioner that can also deliver heating. The thing about hybrid heating is that you can cut your biweekly heating bill down because it uses the heating system to get your house nice and toasty, but instead of continuously running the heating system to maintain that nice temperature (which is less efficient than the heat pump) it utilizes the heat pump. So, you use the heating system to get the temperature where you want it and the heat pump to keep it there. It has saved myself and others a ton and it will save you a ton this Winter too!



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