What I added to the bathroom

I am renovating my bathroom and I have ripped everything down to the bare studs. I now have a new toilet that is turned allowing for more space. I have a brand new window, cement board floor and I got bathroom ventilation. Adding ventilation to the space is a must. Before when I took a shower the heated air rose to the ceiling and just created condensation. I was fighting mold growth and poor indoor air quality. I spent more for the expensive bathroom ventilation system too. It automatically powers on when it feels heating. It will remove the excess heat from the indoor air and pump it outside. It creates a cooler, fresher environment for me. There is even an automatic LED light when it senses my presence. So late at night I can go to the bathroom in a soft glow. I have been recently looking into fun HVAC vents. There are only three things on my ceiling. My bathroom ventilation system, overhead light and HVACv vent are the only things. My bathroom vent looks expensive and classy. I bought myself an expensive overhead light. Now I need a good HVAC vent cover to tie everything together. I have found ones with cool designs and neat colors. Do I really want to draw attention to the ceiling though? Does it affect how my heating and air works too? I don’t want to change how much heating and AC I get in the bathroom. That would stink if I bought a vent that blocked off air. I need something but, but functional.

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