We have to decide whether to upgrade or repair our HVAC system

My husband and I have some big decisions to make regarding our HVAC system.

We have been working on expanding our home and office area, and we are also adding on a big heated and cooled garage.

This is a project that we’ve always wanted to do and this year we finally decided to pull the trigger and get it done. It’s been a little bit overwhelming for us. There have been way more decisions to make than we ever thought that there would be. This week, we are meeting with our chosen HVAC contractor who came highly recommended to us by some of our friends. The HVAC contractor talked to us about the different options that we had to be able to provide acceptable heating and cooling for our existing square footage and also for our addition. We were really excited to talk to the HVAC contractor because we thought that he would just tell us the best thing to do and then be done with it. We didn’t think that he would ever force us to figure things out for ourselves! He just told us the different options and then the pros and cons about each one. He said that one option would be to upgrade our existing HVAC system to make it stronger and more powerful. That way, it would be able to keep up with the demand for heating and cooling throughout our entire house, including all of the extra square footage for our new addition. My husband wasn’t interested in that, though. He wanted to try and repair and keep using our old HVAC unit.



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