Upgrading old house HVAC without ducts

When I was looking for a house I had a few major considerations.

I needed at least two bathrooms in the house because I do not appreciate sharing my cabode with other humans.

I needed some privacy in an outdoor space because I like to garden in my underwear. And I really wanted to have comfortable indoor air temperatures for the first time in my life. All of my prior residences had terrible indoor air temperature control systems installed in the properties when I moved in. I was never in a position where I could make any changes to the building, including the heating, cooling, and ventilation system. It was up to the landlord to call a handyman or HVAC repair shop if anything was going on with the heating, cooling, and air quality control devices. He never wanted to get professional HVAC help, because he insisted that central HVAC replacements are too costly. As a result, I always had extremely uneven temperatures throughout the house and high energy bills. When I moved into my new home I was equally upset to find that I had an inefficient heating, cooling, and ventilation plan that was probably going to break down any day as soon as the outdoor air temperature changed drastically. The indoor air quality control devices were very loud, too. I was tired of the uneven temperature throughout my home so I decided to call a heating and cooling technician. That’s when I found out about the magic of mini split ductless heating and cooling systems. Apparently, it was never necessary to upgrade all the central heating and cooling devices, I could just get smaller HVAC systems dispersed throughout my home.

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