This virus is going to be easy to get rid of.

My husband scoffed when everyone thought the pandemic was going to be over by the time winter arrived. My husband said we wouldn’t have an end to the pandemic until we found a vaccination. My husband was right. The cold wasn’t doing anything to get rid of the virus. We’re not really worried about the pandemic. We are doing everything the CDC recommends and then some. We wear our masks whenever we walk out of the house. Some people think we look ridiculous but I don’t care. We make sure to wash our hands every time we come into the house. We have sanitizer for when we touch anything in the store. Neither of us wants to get this terrible virus. We recently had an air purification system installed into our HVAC system. The air purifier runs right along with the air conditioning, and when the furnace is running, the air purifier will still be running. The air purification system has a UV light. The UV light is able to kill any kind of virus or germ that goes through the system. As the air is circulated through the air purification system, it can kill and eliminate up to 99.97% of all pollutants and viruses that go through. There is an air filter that can get even the smallest of bacteria and dust. I’m not only safe when I go out, but I am safe when we come home. I can’t wait until the pandemic ends, but until it is I now I will be comfortable and safe because of the HVAC system and air purifier.


Cooling expert