The warranty was a waste of money.

We seldom buy the extended warranty when we buy something. My husband thinks paying for a warranty when you already have one is a waste of money. Then, he bought a portable air conditioning unit for the garage. All of a sudden, he thought it was important to buy the two-year extended warranty. It guaranteed full replacement or repair of the air conditioning unit, regardless of what was wrong with it. We took the air conditioning unit home and put it in the garage. Within an hour, we had to adjust the thermostat because it was so cool inside. We didn’t need the air conditioning for the cars’ they were never in the garage. My husband had his workshop in the garage. He did a lot of woodworking and it was phenomenal. He had a long list of customers awaiting his custom furniture. For two months, the air conditioner worked well, and then it didn’t. I called the store and asked them if we should bring it back to the store. He told me I had to call the manufacturer of the air conditioner. I spent an hour on hold until someone finally answered me. I told them about the air conditioner. The man told me that I had to send the AC unit back to them. I asked if they would send me a return label for the package. He sent the return label, but I had to pay shipping. I called again, and they told me I had to pay shipping to and from the company. They would either repair the AC or send it back. It was going to cost me $40 to ship a unit for a part that would only cost about $10.

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