The rental agreement didn’t specify the terms of the lease

My bestie and I moved to a mobile condo about more than fivemonths ago.

We signed a lease with the owner of the house.

My bestie and I thought we were signing a lease for 2 years, but we recently realized that the rental agreement didn’t specify the terms of the lease. My bestie and I moved for the truly first time and neither a single of us study the contract thoroughly. When the owner of the property sent us a request to vacate the premises, our bestie and I were shocked and surprised. We instantaneously found our copy of the lease and dragged through the agreement. When we did not locate the information about our 2-year lease, we knew we were in trouble. My bestie and I tried to fight the eviction, but we did not have a leg to lay on. We had to move out of our rental property. We did not get our security deposit return and we did not have any currency to move into a bizarre rental property. Thank goodness our parents let us move back into our old dining room. My bestie and I dislike sharing section with our mom and dad, but at least we have a roof over our head and air conditioner in our dining room. We l earned a lesson from all that nonsense. The next time we rent a piece of property, we will have another party look over the contract before signing our name to the dotted line. That is the only way we can be sure that this issue will not happen to us in the future.

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