Taking HVAC courses to help the family

When my family opened their own little restaurant, I knew that I wanted to help somehow. Unfortunately, I don’t have any skills in the kitchen or with human beings that would give me an easy position as chef or waiter. Instead, I found myself considering any of my inherent skills and trying to figure out how I could apply them to this situation. One of the things I quickly noticed was the need for better indoor air quality control at the shop. The old commercial heating, cooling, and air quality control equipment needed a lot of professional attention and it was costing our family a ton to constantly call professional heating, cooling, and ventilation workers. That’s why I got super excited when the local heating, cooling, and ventilation trade school first began offering indoor air temperature control equipment repair, installation, and maintenance courses on the weekend. One morning I received a flyer explaining some of their New heating and cooling educational courses and I was elated when I saw that they were opening enrollment to the public. That same morning, I signed right up to join the heating, cooling, and ventilation repair courses. I figured, why the heck wouldn’t they want someone to know about indoor air temperature control systems for our own business? I could save on a lot of cash for us on all the professional heating and cooling jobs down the line if I can repair the huge HVAC myself. I enjoy feeling like I know how to handle a basic AC or furnace repair, and knowing that it helps my family with the business we’re opening is a big comfort. It’s an investment in the future of our restaurant.

Air conditioner tune-up