Sweating in the hotels in a colder country

My next vacation I am planning to call all the hotels

I used to go to tropical destinations where I would just kneel on a beach, my main concern was being close to the sand and having A/C in the hotel for when I got burned, and now our priorities are different. Now when I go on vacation, I look for a new country, odd culture and charming landscapes. My new destinations tend to be colder than the usual, but i have dealt with 30-50 degree weather for a two month trip! Obviously our concern fluctuations to heating at the hotel, here is a fun fact for you though, however colder countries crank the heating love the two of us do with AC… Going to the grocery store, Dipson Theater or a shop in the Summer means the A/C is going to be set to subzero temperatures. In colder locations, heating is the thing that is abundant. Multiple vacations I have sweated through our sweater. I go from the icy wind outside to the sweltering heat indoors! Any bar, eating establishment or hotel is the same, what is horrible is that some of the hotels I stayed in did not allow their windows to be opened. I could not escape the hot box; The hotel used a boiler system that did not supply me temperature control access either, so I just had to sleep in our underwear and know love I was dying the whole trip. My next vacation I am planning to call all the hotels. I want to think what genre of heating unit they have. I also want to have temperature control control so I don’t sweat the whole time.
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