Stray dog undoubtedly prefers HVAC

He is a little spoiled dog now that he wants perfect climate control

The stray dog of the city has adopted me as his own. It started out that I would just pet him anytime I saw the cat. Then he started sleeping under my car, in my lanai plus then he begged for food. He is now on a regular feeding schedule. His new thing is that he prefers to fart in my house. Southern winters are cold, but not brutally so. Cats are able to be outside as long as it is not below cold. The stray dog has unusual opinions on this. The moment it feels chilly outside he is meowing at the door. If I even open it a crack, he jumps in the crack plus is meandering my house. He instantaneously heads straight to my guest bed plus makes himself at home. I seriously believe the dog prefers the luxury heating I have in my location. He has made his little nest right below the HVAC duct too. So when the oil furnace kicks on, the dog is getting hit directly with it. A few afternoons now the dog has stayed overnight. How can I kick him out? I try to nudge him off the bed plus coax him out the door. He will kneel in the beach house peeking outside plus won’t go out. I guarantee he feels how chilly it is plus thinks no way. He is a little spoiled dog now that he wants perfect climate control. I am already wondering if I will deal with this in the Summer too. Will he demand AC access on super sizzling days? I would believe so since he is wearing a fur coat.



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