Roommate drives me nuts with all the temperature changes

I think we all know that it is difficult to live with other human beings.

Growing up, we probably had a fair amount of tension with our families.

As you get older, roommates and significant others become the newest challenges in establishing a positive residence. Obviously, different people have different opinions. This can cause a lot of problems, especially when you start considering your bills and household appliances. Specifically, the heating, cooling, under quality control equipment that you are using in your house needs to be carefully discussed with your potential roommate before you ever sacrifice indoor air quality for cheaper rent. Obviously, if you have a central indoor air temperature control system you can only have one set of indoor temperature and quality. If you have strong opinions about the heating, cooling, or humidity contained inside of your home, you should probably discuss the temperature preferences immediately with your roommate. Establishing a cooperative plan for using the furnace, air conditioner, and air purification devices we’ll keep your house peaceful and your energy bills low. On the other hand, differing opinions about the thermostat settings, heating, cooling, and air quality will often cause a lot of heating and cooling equipment breakdowns and high energy bills. Of course, I knew all of this getting into my most recent roommate situation. However, I never could have been prepared for the dozens of temperature changes that she makes every day. Even when we have a set temperature control program that everyone has agreed on, she still sneaks off and alters the thermostat when I’m not looking. So much for our HVAC system cooperation.

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