Roommate and I do opposite style of workouts

Four days per week, my roommate Mark and I go to the gym. It is weird that we always head to opposite ends of the gym. As a woman, I am always trying to trim weight. I focus mostly on cardio workouts. When I am at the gym, this is the perfect time to take advantage of the cardio machines. I spent most of my time on the treadmills, ellipticals, rowing machines and stationary bikes. The gym has a new type of treadmill that I love. It has a rotating belt that goes as fast as my feet can propel it. It doesn’t use electricity to operate. I lean forward to increase speed or tilt back to slow down. It took me some time to figure out how to run smoothly without any buttons, dials or programs helping me out. Now I am an expert on this new machine, I feel that it pushes me to go faster, work harder and lengthen my strides. I tend to remain on this piece of equipment much longer than I would normally. My roommate Mark is always on the other side of the gym, in the weightlifting section. He is trying to build muscle. He uses the machines, the dumbbells and the free weights to target arms, shoulders and his core muscles. Now and then, Mark works out with a personal trainer during our time at the gym. The trainer has him using weighted poles, medicine balls and kettlebells. Mark says that working with a personal trainer every now and then freshens up the type of exercises and gets him trying harder. I feel pretty confident in what I am doing but I know a little variety would be motivational.

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