Road trip isn’t so fun without thermostat control

Please, just let me travel to my heart’s content.

It’s something I’ve always asked of the world, but rarely get the opportunity.

I want to see everything I can in this lifetime and I want to do it ASAP. I try to travel as often as possible. And I usually do it with only my busted up car, snacks, and my old dog in the back seat. It’s always a blast! But, that being said, traveling considerable distances comes with big challenges. This is very true because in our country, the outdoor climate will change rapidly as you are transitioning from region to region. I know, I will always assume that the car can offset the uncomfortable outdoor air temperatures and air conditions via the modern heating, cooling, and air quality control system onboard. But, as I once found out, this heating, cooling, and ventilation assumption is not always the case. A few years ago I went on a road trip and I was horrified to find that there was literally no ventilation, heat or AC control in the rental vehicle I was driving. There was hot and cold air, but it was unregulated. The panic all started when I first tried to alter the indoor air temperature by switching on the heating system in the car. Immediately, I was surprised when bitterly cold air started blasting through the vents. I really tried to fiddle with the on-board temperature control unit, but clearly the vehicle thermostat did not even respond. There were uneven hot and cold temperatures for the next several days, blasting at full power no matter what I did to the thermostat dials. I was shivering in my seat or sweating through my shirt, no matter how hard I tried to adjust to the central heating, cooling, and ventilation system for the rest of the road trip.


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