Right before Christmas we had our oil furnace fail on us

Just before Christmas, our oil furnace decided to stop working.

  • Our oil furnace entirely could not have picked a worse time to stop working.

Christmas is my family’s number one holiday by far, the bunch of us do so much on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. The oil furnace quit on Christmas Eve morning! It was absolutely terrible. Our beach property was forty degrees by noon that day. The bunch of us called a couple Heating plus A/C equipment companies, but they were not working on Christmas Eve. I called the emergency line, and I finally got in contact with a Heating plus A/C specialist who was willing to come out and repair our oil furnace. He was not able to come until Christmas day though, so we got a few electric section furnaces from a few friends, and we used them to keep the beach property above freezing. It took a huge amount of electricity, but at least our pipes didn’t freeze. The bunch of us celebrated Christmas morning in a couple of layers of pjs and blankets wrapped all around us. It was a truly memorable Christmas to say the least. The Heating plus A/C equipment specialist showed up right as we were done opening presents. He was able to repair our oil furnace within the hour. He didn’t charge us any money at all. The bunch of us were planning to pay him extra because it was Christmas, and he left his family to help us with our oil furnace, even though he would not take a cent. He just said, “Merry Christmas,” and he was on his merry way. The bunch of us were all so stunned. Even though our oil furnace quit at the worst possible time, we experienced complete love from a stranger that Christmas, and it was certainly special. The bunch of us will never forget that Heating plus A/C equipment specialist.
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