Neighbor saves my butt and pays for the appointment

I have never been the type of human who had any idea how to maintain a purely adult lifestyle.

I don’t want to say that I did too many drugs growing up, but my brain definitely has not acclimated to being a 35 year old grown up since my hard-lived teenage years.

This is why I am always happy to accept help from the people around me who know more about adult responsibilities than I do. Thank God, my neighbor is one of the most responsible adults I’ve ever known. He has been particularly helpful in all of my air quality control drama since I have moved into this house. To be upfront, I don’t know the first thing about Indoor air temperature control systems, indoor air quality control, or HVAC maintenance. Nobody ever taught me about maintaining a furnace or air conditioning system when I was growing up. I wasn’t even allowed to touch the central heating, cooling, and ventilation plan when I was a kid, all the way down to the dial thermostat on the wall. As such, I certainly don’t know anything about modern temperature control devices as an adult. This is why I had a loud, disturbing heating and cooling system operating in my house for so long. The thing was perpetually creating uneven temperature throughout the house and driving up my energy bills. I mentioned the temperature control problems to my neighbor one morning and was shocked when he told me to call a heating, cooling, and ventilation repair service. I didn’t know how and I didn’t have money for the HVAC service. Bless my neighbor, for paying off the HVAC technician for me.

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