My tech loves my cooking

I realize that it’s a common business goal of any company to brainwash their clients into only trusting their goods or services.

It saves them money and keeps you coming back to spend more.

But, that being said, I am in love with one service provider in my area and I’ll use them no matter how much money they’re making off of me. I have been using this HVAC provider for every routine maintenance, diagnostic service, and repair job on my heating and cooling system for the past 20 years. In fact, I have used the same heating, cooling, and air quality control company for every one of my indoor air temperature control needs since I moved into the residence. At that point, I only signed up with the HVAC repair ship because I took advantage of their new customer HVAC maintenance service discount. Clearly, at that time was content with the heating, cooling, and ventilation service. Since then, I have used the same local Indoor air temperature control technician for all my air quality service needs. I trust the HVAC tech with my life, whether it’s an emergency repair or a routine task. I really like to think that I have a great relationship, too… But, I know that he appreciates coming to my house for a reason besides my dazzling conversation. The guy knows my heating and cooling system in and out, but he also knows about my cooking. Every time my heating, cooling, and ventilation technician arrives at my house I try to feed him. Apparently, rarely has time to eat in between heating and cooling repair jobs, so I try to take care of him. I’m pretty sure he likes my home cooked meals, considering he’ll stop by to inspect my heating and cooling system for free sometimes.

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