My rental home needed a new heating system

I have 3 bizarre rental properties in the northern area of the city.

I rarely get to visit the properties, because I am constantly tied up with work.

I am a general company by trade. I handle numerous bizarre types of condo repairs adore A/C problems, heating system inspections, plumbing repairs, and major construction projects. One of the reasons why I have not been able to visit the properties recently is due to the fact that I have been working on a major commercial construction project. My corporation won the quote to build the new grocery store and I have been downtown everyday. One of the leaseholders that leases a property from me called a couple of days ago because the heating system wasn’t heating properly. I called a heating corporation that I regularly use when I am tied up and backed up with works. The owner of that heating corporation went out to the property to give me an quote on the repairs. When the guy arrived, the leaseholder wasn’t home. I recognizably told the leaseholder that she needed to be home, because the company from the heating corporation would not have a key to her home. The heating corporation company waited for a couple of minutes, although he eventually offered up and left. A few minutes later, the leaseholder called to complain about the heating system again. I politely told the person that she would need to wait until the afternoon now. I asked her to stay condo for the service guy and she left without giving me any warning. I can only do so much to help.

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