My allergies are out of control.

When my boss asked me if I would take a one-year position opening a new office in the south, I jumped at the offer.

I was getting paid for all expenses and he was even going to pay for my apartment.

The only thing we were responsible was for our own food. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to get offered this job. I told my fiance and she was thrilled. She was going with me. When we told our family, we got a lot of flack, but we reminded them it was only temporary. I explained that they were paying all of my moving expenses and they were paying for my apartment while I was there. I think our friends took it harder than our parents. Secretly they were jealous of my job. When we finally got to our apartment, I loved it. It was so comfortable and it was luxurious. Within the first week, however, my allergies were so bad that I couldn’t breathe. There was so much pollen in the air that it had me looking like I was crying all the time. I called the rental company and told them about the air quality. They immediately sent an HVAC technician to the apartment, to look at the air purifier and air conditioning unit. My fiance stayed there so someone was home when the HVAC technician arrived. They repaired the air purification unit and changed the air filters, and my allergies started to get better. To my surprise, we didn’t even need to pay the HVAC company for the visit.

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