My a/c fell out the window when someone broke the window with a rock

My a/c fell out the window when someone broke the window with a rock.

I was not ready for my a/c to break.

Not that I ever wanted it to break, although I wish that It would have broken a few weeks later when I no longer needed it for the season… Well, it is sort of a spine-chilling story because a single of my neighbors saw someone throw a rock at my window plus chop it. My neighbor called the police plus then called me. It was around midnight when it happened, so I was already asleep. I was so glad to find out that my neighbors had already called the police so that I didn’t have to. I did wake up a little after everything had happened. I noticed that my a/c was not in the window. I was so confused before I got my neighbor’s iphone call. It turns out that my a/c fell out the window when the window broke. I had outdated glass windows in my house, so my window broke easily. I am so surprised that I didn’t wake up when my a/c fell out of the window. My a/c was in a third story window, so it broke. It broke into so many pieces. I was not sure what to do at first. I ended up just throwing away that a/c plus getting a new a single. I can’t know that my a/c fell out the window. It is such a weird story. I care about my new a/c, so I am delighted that I was able to get a new a single I guess.


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