Modeling with no Heat

I work for a high-end fashion brand, and I coordinate all of our modeling efforts.

The job has taken me to fashion shows around the world, and I’ve been blessed to have met so many interesting people along the way.

A few years ago, I traveled to Iceland for a completely out-of-this-world show; I flew with 17 models from the US, and we were all so excited to experience Iceland’s weather! The models and I are all from a very warm climate, so we were looking forward to a respite from the heat. Our plane landed, and we stayed for a night in a hotel to sleep off the jetlag. I didn’t even use the furnace in my room that night; after a lifetime of only ever having to use air conditioning, the chill on my skin was a welcome change. We were all very excited for the show the next morning. But, when we arrived at the address for the show, we were confused: there wasn’t a building. Then we saw the catwalk and makeshift “backstage,” which were both in the middle of a frozen prairie. One of the models said, “I don’t know if I can do this without heating!” My models are tough, but walking down an elevated catwalk 40 miles from the nearest furnace was going to be a challenge. To make up for the lack of a heating system, some of the Icelandic models in the show gave my models hand warmers to put in their shoes. I crouched over one of the computer monitors backstage, which was venting semi-warm air; I sure felt silly for not using the furnace in my room the night before! But, we all made it out unscathed: frozen solid, but ready to be in our nice warm hotel rooms!



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