Lunch at a small cafe

Everyday at work I have been taking my lunch break at a small cafe nearby.

This cafe I like a lot in particular because the staff are incredibly friendly, they have great prices and it always feels great there.

They must have a really great cooling system, because when I went to a couple of other cafes, the inside was hot and clammy compared to my usual cafe. I kind of already knew, but I chose to keep going to my favorite cafe because they were so much better. I actually had a really interesting conversation with one of the staff, it was the cashier, and when I commented on how great their air conditioning was she told me that the owner purposely has regular heating and air conditioning maintenance done to attract more customers, and without the HVAC systems, customers are a lot less likely to stay and buy something. This made sense to me, as I didn’t stay in a building very long without some form of cooling. She also told me that they have the same for their heating unit, and when it’s winter that it’s really toasty inside. This only made me more fond of the cafe, because I know whenever I come over that I will be comfortable. I thought I could only get really good HVAC ventilation at my own home, and I am glad that other companies are taking notice and upgrading their HVAC units to match the comfort of their customers. If I ever start a business I know one of the ways I can attract customers!


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