Love working from home in silence

I’m so glad that I wake up every day, roll over, and start working on my computer.

I never appreciated commuting to a separate building every day for work I could easily do from my own bedroom.

Don’t even get me ranting about the traffic and the wasted energy every morning. Plus, it was always so uncomfortable sitting with my heating system blasting in the traffic gridlock as the frigid wind pounded into my car. Talk about cold drafts. I was burning hot and freezing cold all at once, more mornings than not. After that, I would arrive at the office and be beyond uncomfortable all day long. I’m sure you know already, setting one thermostat for multiple people makes a lot of indoor air temperature control changes take place. We could never agree on a single temperature for all of our central heating, cooling, and ventilation equipment. All my coworkers were getting into fights about the commercial air conditioning system or heating unit that wasted work time. I know my productivity was much lower at the office with all of these temperature control battles taking up so much of my attention and energy. Since we all began working from home I have been so pleased with my HVAC settings and work quality. I can be so productive because I can set the thermostat to my exact temperature control preferences. With one person setting the temperature control device, it seems to be the best bet in establishing efficient indoor air quality conditions that actually help me get work done. I still think it helps that I don’t have to leave my bed. .


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