Looking for a new HVAC store

Lately I have been looking for a new HVAC technology and parts store.

My original one that I used to go to had a variety of different parts and all kinds of cool things and great deals, but they have moved stores and now they are far away.

Now I am trying to find a new HVAC store that meets my standards, so far, I haven’t found any. I have 3 more that I am supposed to go and look at today, so maybe I will find the right one. The first one I looked at was pretty dusty and the HVAC staff was practically absent, so that one was a none. The 2nd one was okay, nice staff but they didn’t have much to offer. The third was decent enough for me to consider, but they were a bit of a drive as well as their prices were also more expensive. Maybe I am being too picky, but if I go to buy something at a store, I expect to have the staff there willing to help me find what I need, and be greeted with a clean, cool store. One of the stores I looked at I didn’t like at all! The store was overheated and dry inside. They have tons of different models of heating and cooling systems and they can’t even keep their own store cool? That makes me question the efficiency of their a/c and furnace models. I have decided that I will probably go to the third store, even though it’s a longer drive with higher prices, they are clean, cool and have friendly staff, so they win.


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