Learning to run side by side with my dog

When I got a dog, I wanted to train him to run with me.

Going for long, fast-paced runs is my preferred type of workout.

It feels so good to get drenched in sweat and get rid of all the toxins. I get breathing hard, sometimes to the point of dry heaving. I had to train the dog to that level of fitness. I found a personal trainer that works with owners and their pets, getting them ready to run together. She recommended purchasing a leash that links to a harness fitted around the dog’s head rather than pulling at his neck. She also told me to train the dog to the sound of a whistle. I whistle once to start and twice to signal when it’s time to stop. I tug on the leash gently to increase the pace and I move the leash in a downward direction to slow down. The fitness expert ran with us when we were getting accustomed to each other. Initially we went on very short runs. I did all this training at a body wellness center and ran on their track. There were fake intersections, crosswalks and even traffic lights. It was so helpful training before the real thing. My dog and I got comfortable starting and stopping, running as a partnership and pushing each other to run faster. Thanks to the certified fitness expert, my dog and I go on runs several days per week together. My dog loves it too. I strap on the leash and he gets all excited. We run at an 8 minute mile pace for at least four miles whenever we go. Both of us have a loop through the neighborhood that we like. We have learned to run side by side. It is such a wonderful workout for me and the dog.