It wasn’t good for us to be without heating on Christmas

Just before Christmas, our gas furnace stopped working.

Our gas furnace unquestionably could not have picked a more critical time to quit.

Christmas is my family’s number one holiday by far. The people I was with and I do so much on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. The gas furnace broke down on Christmas Eve morning, and it was the worst situation. Our residence was 44 degrees by noon that day. The people I was with and I reached out to a couple Heating and A/C machine companies, however they were not even working on Christmas Eve. I contacted the emergency line, and I finally came in contact with a Heating and A/C professional who was willing to come out and repair our gas furnace. He was not able to come until Christmas day though, so we got a few electric section gas heating machines from some friends, and we used them to keep the residence above freezing. It took a ton of electricity, however at least our pipes didn’t freeze. The people I was with and I celebrated Christmas morning in numerous layers of pjs and blankets wrapped all around us. It was a totally memorable Christmas to say the least. The Heating and A/C machine professional showed up right as we finished opening presents. He was able to repair our gas heating machine within the hour. He didn’t charge us any money. The people I was with and I were planning to pay him even more cash because it was Christmas, and he left his family to help us with our gas furnace, but he would not accept any money whatsoever. He just said, “Merry Christmas,” and he was on his merry way. The people I was with and I were all astonished! Even though our gas furnace quit at the worst possible time, we experienced love from a total stranger that Christmas, and it was honestly special. The people I was with and I will never forget that Heating and A/C machine professional.

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