It was so much better when we were younger.

My husband and I went to the same college.

It is where we met and fell in love. The problem was that we both lived in different dorms. If we wanted any kind of private time, we had to go off campus. There was this small hotel right off campus. It wasn’t high quality and there wasn’t any room service. We would grab burgers and shakes and go to our room and relax. It wasn’t the most romantic place, but it was heaven to us. We had not too good air conditioning and a clean bed to relax on. This year, we were celebrating our twenty-fifth anniversary and we wanted to relive some of our best memories. We found a small hotel right outside of town and we made a reservation. When we got there, the man at the counter had a cigarette dangling out of his mouth. He asked us if we were paying by the hour or night. We paid for the night. When we walked into the room, we wished we had paid for an hour. There were stains on the bed and the air conditioning didn’t work. I went into the bathroom and screamed. There was a dead mouse in the middle of the tub. We left the hotel and headed home. We had air conditioning, and an air purifier. The stay in the hotel was nothing like what we had when we were young. My mother was right when she told me you can’t relive the past. Our present is much more comfortable than our past.

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