I’m spending the weekend chopping wood to get ready for winter

This week has been exhausting at work. I’m a car mechanic and it’s getting colder outdoors, with intermittent snowstorms and ice slowly forming on the roadways. We see a lot more car accidents from people losing control on the roadways, but we also see a lot of preventative care appointments. Customers often want to put chains on their tires or an undercoat on the bottom of their cars. The chains provide traction in the snow and ice while the undercoat prevents rusting from the salt put on the icy roadways. As a result, my job as a mechanic kicks into overdrive when the weather starts to get really cold outdoors. This week was particularly painful, and I think I’ll be working overtime hours for at least the next month. Unfortunately, I get little time to prepare myself for the winter season. I have nothing but this weekend to chop a cord or two of firewood so I’m ready to heat my house immediately. With the weather dropping below freezing, my house is getting colder by the day. I wish I had started chopping wood weeks ago. I could have used a few hours every Saturday to get closer to filling the wall in my garage where I store my firewood. It’s important to have a large stockpile of firewood before the conditions outdoors get extremely dire. If we get hit with a nasty blizzard and temperatures outside drop below zero, there’s a chance of losing power as well. In that event, my firewood is the only thing keeping me from freezing to death in my house. And if I’m snowed in without any way of getting my front or back door open, I can’t exactly get outside to chop more wood either.


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