I won’t buy my new air conditioner without a coupon.

I’m not sure what I would do if I had to buy something without having some kind of discount coupon.

I don’t like to pay full price for anything.

I go into a panic attack when I look at the price tags on some of the items in my house. I make it a mission to find a lower price than what is on the price tag. I have already argued with the store, trying to talk them down to a lower price. I was able to get free shipping and installation by dealing with a manager, when I bought my refrigerator. I look at a price tag, and I think about buying a car. The ticket always says the MSRP. I never asked what MSRP was. As far as I was concerned, MSRP stood for maximum starting ridiculous price. When I knew I had to buy a new air conditioning unit, I kept all of this in mind. The first thing I did was to call all three HVAC companies in our local area. I wanted to get a quote from all three of them for the purchase and installation of my air conditioning unit. I then started looking to see if Ic ould find any coupons that covered the installation of the air conditioning unit. I couldn’t wait until I got all of the quotes so I could compare them. I knew that if I bought a lower quote to my own HVAC company they would give it to me. I was hoping they would do the same thing with the installation.


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