I land a dream gig and nearly had to go without heating and cooling

My dream client, a professional model who was back in our hometown for a summer getaway, had booked a session at our photography studio…

However, I was incredibly happy to shoot with her! Most of our customers are brides plus high school graduates. After shooting with her, our portfolio was going to include work with an actual professional model! I arrived at our studio a few minutes before the model to actually get ready for the shoot. As soon as I opened the door to the building, I was blasted with hot, sticky air! Of course, on the day of the greatest photo shoot of our career, our A/C proposal wasn’t finally working. I called an actual heating, ventilation and A/C company as soon as I could, however they quoted that I would have to wait a few minutes to see a specialist. I tried to set up fans plus open windows in our studio to improve the ventilation, however without the cooling system, it was uninhabitable. I had to come up with a plan B. I decided to do an outdoor shoot instead; I met the model at the foot of the stairs to our studio, plus said, “Change of plans! My A/C decided to throw a tantrum, so we’re going to shoot at the park across the street.” The model seemed absolutely excited! “I used to play in that park when I was a kid! That’s perfect!” Just as every one of us were setting up to shoot, I got a call from the heating, ventilation and A/C company… I had left the door unlocked for the specialist, plus they were headed up the stairs to repair our A/C. By the time the shoot was over, our cooling proposal had been fixed, plus our studio was an icebox once again at last!

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