I could really use a weekend off.

I haven’t had a full weekend off since the pandemic began.

I have this lovely little cabin up in the mountains. There is a lake on the border of our property. We can sit on the back porch and watch our kids as they fish in the pond. There are days that I come up by myself or with a friend. We’ll spend the whole day fishing and we never say a word. I don’t even care if I catch a fish. I have now been dreaming of fishing for the last six months. Ever since the pandemic hit, I have been working nonstop. Everyone is trying to get clean air filters and they are looking for air purification systems. It seems that everyone who thought an air purifier was a waste of money, are changing their minds. I have been working twelve hours a day checking HVAC systems to see if I could have an air purifier installed. I install air purifiers and I also check ductwork to make sure they are cleaned and sanitized. I believe I have changed out more media air cleaners for new air filtration systems, just in the last six months, than I have done since I started as an HVAC technician. I love working as an HVAC technician but it has been tough working all these hours. I haven’t had a full weekend off since the pandemic began. I’m not sure how much longer I can go on like this. Instead, I just dream of the cabin. I dream of the bluegill and perch that are in that lake. I keep going, knowing that when this over, I am going to the cabin for a full week.


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