I can’t believe she needs to have the HVAC company again.

I know how hard it must be on my neighbor to need the HVAC company at her house, at least once a week.

She knows there is something wrong, but no one wants to have an HVAC bill every week.

I think she should be telling the HvAC tech that they are screwing the AC unit up, and she shouldn’t need to pay. I saw the HVAC service van in her driveway again yesterday. I went over to see if she was okay. We aren’t really friends, but I thought she needed one. I walked over to see if she was upset. She was crying because this was the third time in three weeks. She said that every time they send the same guy and he has no idea what he is doing. I explained how my brother was an HVAC technician. I told her to let me call him and have him give her a second opinion.. She agreed with me, and while I was talking to my brother, the HVAC technician came over to talk to her. I hung up on my brother so I could listen to the tech. He was telling her that he couldn’t fix her air conditioning unit anymore. He had already called his company and ordered a new air conditioner. My brother texted me and told me he was on the way. I told the technician that we had another HVAC tech on the way since we didn’t have faith in his abilities. He said it didn’t matter since he already had an AC unit on the way. I stayed with her until my brother arrived.

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