Hoping to get into better shape

I have been working to get in better shape. There are so many different styles of training methods and workout strategies out there. For a while I considered consulting with a personal trainer for assistance. At the moment, I don’t think I am ready. It would be slightly embarrassing starting any type of training when I am this out of shape. I want to at least build up some muscle and gain some stamina. I have been working out everyday, for a minimum of twenty minutes, doing cardio exercises to get my heartrate up. I either go for a brief run or go on a bike ride. A couple of times, I have visited the public swimming pool and to swim some laps. I bought myself a jump rope and free weights that I have just started to use. Working out is a challenge. I’m having some trouble getting back into the habit. I reset taking time out of my day to do my workout. The first few weeks I started this plan, it was horrible. I had to force myself to get up early in the morning and I was super sore. Now I actually look forward to those twenty minutes. It’s the perfect opportunity to get my head straight. I already feel so much healthier and stronger. I have more energy now; Pretty soon I hope to increase my workout program to around 30-45 minutes. My goal is to workout for an hour each day. I am hoping to take a group fitness class with a personal trainer a couple of times a week. I am not quite ready yet. I am a little worried about the intensity of a fitness class.

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