Hobby requires advanced indoor air quality control

When I tell people that I am a creative they often smirk and look in the other direction.

I feel like everybody is an artist these days, am I right? I have spent a lot of time working on my craft but I understand that not everybody takes it so seriously. To be fair, I wouldn’t say that I became a professional artist until rather recently. The day that I had my heating, cooling, and air quality control system upgraded for the sake of my then-hobby is the day that it transformed into an actual professional interest. For many months I had been working in subpar air quality as I attempted to make headway in my craft of choice. However, the fluctuating indoor air temperatures and humid air quality was not doing me any favors when it came to my art. Not only was I extremely distracted by the hot and cold patches throughout the house, my frigid and numb fingers, and the loud sounds that were coming from my central heating and cooling system… but my paint was not a fan of the inconsistent air temperature or humid air quality. I was always throwing out my materials and purchasing my expensive supplies, on top of paying for extremely high energy bills and HVAC repair services. Eventually, I realized that I needed to upgrade my central heating and cooling system or establish a separate air quality control plan to keep my hobby moving forward. On the day that a professional HVAC team arrived to overhaul my entire air quality control system I decided that I was no longer an amateur artist. For this price, I was definitely becoming a professional.


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