Gym gets updated into a core progression

My neighborhood has always had a single gym. It was a lower level facility and sort of outdated. The locker rooms were usually dirty and there was often no toilet paper. Most of the fitness equipment was out of order and the sound system rarely worked. It was all that was available and I was thankful to have access to it. The gym closed down for a while to perform renovations. I figured they would apply a new coat of paint and maybe improve the showers. Instead, they completed a whole gym transformation. I am thrilled that we now have a core progression in our neighborhood. It is an amazing and modern facility. Core progression fitness is not like a conventional big box gym. Rather than left to my own devices, there are all sorts of fitness classes. I can do a group physical fitness class or sign up for one on one sessions with a fitness expert. There are lots of options for classes, including yoga, spin class, kickboxing, weight training, circuit training and even nutritional counseling. The gym seems bigger and outfitted with all new equipment. It’s always a great experience. I have taken classes for a few weeks now and I just love it. All of the people who work there are certified fitness experts. I am now getting my money’s worth for my gym membership. The personal trainers customize the workout to cater to my specific goals. There are now so many gym membership benefits now and the place is much busier. I prefer this personal approach to fitness and I have already lost quite a bit of weight. It is way better than a traditional gym. The classes are really intense, the trainers are wonderful and there’s only been a lisht increase in price.


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