Gave kids mini split systems for their rooms

When you are raising teenagers your reputation will change on a daily basis.

  • What I mean is, one day I am the best parent on the planet and the next day my kids want absolutely nothing to do with me.

I happen to think that I’m a pretty cool dad and I take good care of my children. I do everything I can to provide for them and give them a good life. I also tried to treat them like respectable young adults who have real opinions and perspectives of their own. I want to give my kids responsibilities and opportunities to learn about life in ways that I never did. This is why I recently decided that it was a good idea to purchase them separate mini split ductless heating and cooling systems for each of their bedrooms. Honestly, it was getting stressful trying to find a centralized temperature range for everybody in the past few months. Because we’re spending so much time at home, our thermostat was running overtime trying to keep everybody comfortable. It seemed like everyone in the house had a different opinion about ideal temperature control settings and our energy bills were getting increasingly difficult to handle. I didn’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable because of our indoor air quality… But I also didn’t want to run the central HVAC system into the ground. Besides, I figured it was a good idea to give my children some autonomy and responsibilities when it came to air quality control devices. I installed mini-split ductless heating and cooling systems in their bedrooms and allowed them the opportunity to set their own temperature and maintenance programs. Thanks to these small freedoms, today I am a cool dad.


Heating technician