Do I get a humidifier or not?

I constantly am battling dryness.

For my skin I lotion my whole body every night and after a shower.

I do a special face moisturizer as well. My lips get chapstick while I work and right before bed. I even do a moisturizing cream that is only made for my feet since they get so cracked. Even with all of this, I still experience redness, chapped lips and bloody noses. My house is just a dry pit. I have static shock and my shirts weirdly cling to my stomach because of the static. My hair blows out in weird directions and I even noticed that my electronics suffer due to the lack of moisture. I have been looking into adding a humidifier into my home HVAC equipment. Getting a humidifier installed in the heating and cooling machine is pretty expensive and a lot of maintenance too. It seems cheaper and easy doing a stationary model. Have you ever seen a portable humidifier though? Talk about hideous! They are a giant white box with vents in it. Every single humidifier I have seen is really dirty and wet like too. You need to clean out the humidifier and drain the water quite a few times as well. I don’t know if I want to take that kind of work on. But what do I do about the moisture issue? I also know if I had more wetness in my indoor air quality, my heater would work better. The air feels warmer when it is more moist. I then could lower the thermostat and save some money.

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