Brother’s girlfriend shouldn’t brag about her fitness level

My brother’s girlfriend Shannon considers herself a fitness expert.

To hear her talk, I would swear she is a personal trainer. Shannon likes going on and on about how many push ups she can do and how fast she can run. She brags about her daily workouts. I feel mean saying it, but I know I’m in far better physical condition than she is. I think she simply follows workout videos for around thirty to forty minutes each day. I bet she visits the fitness center every week and takes a yoga class. She seems to concentrate on ab ab leg exercises. I have noticed that her tummy is soft. Her arms have no muscle tone at all. She likes to tell everyone that she has a six pack, but she is just skinny. I workout for at least an hour every single day. I switch up what area of my body I concentrate on. I perform a series of squats, crunches, push ups, lunges and handstands. I also make sure to properly stretch and work on balance. I typically incorporate both cardio and weightlifting into the workout. To keep the workout routine interesting, I sometimes take a one on one personal training session at our local gym. The certified fitness expert makes sure I work on different areas of the body each time. It clearly shows how hard I work. If anyone is dedicated to fitness, it is me and not Shannon. I am frustrated with hearing her brag about her skills when I am in way better shape.

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