Feels like I haven’t seen my brother in law forever

It had actually been over a decade since I was able to visit with my brother in law.

I had visited with my sister at different times over the years, but he was always too busy with business.

I guess that’s no excuse because I could have always made plans to go visit them at their house when he was not busy, but I guess we just started losing our communication over the years. It seems this happens to just about everybody, life gets a grip of you and you are suddenly devoting your time to your family and your career and hardly anything else. Well, it was amazing because my brother in law as well as my sister just bought a new million dollar home. This place is up on a mountain and is the most private place ever. You can’t see any neighbors around and they have 34 acres of land! Given, most of the land is just tree acreage, but it’s still a beautiful thing. We went out on 4 wheelers, had good food, and enjoyed the company of family. The most amazing thing in my mind though was the HVAC system. They have radiant heated floors all throughout the house which is amazing. My brother in law let me experience what they felt like briefly because we didn’t want the house to overheat while the A/C system was working. They have a very powerful A/C system though with three zones. The HVAC zone control in itself is amazing, and if that’s not awesome enough, they also have a dedicated air purification system with a UV light! Now, that’s a fancy HVAC system! Needless to say, I had an excellent time visiting and can’t wait to visit again.

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My wife went above and beyond to improve our son’s first dance

I have to give props to my wife for her dedication to the recent school dance. It was actually our son’s first dance and he was able to get a date. My wife took it in her hands to get involved with the dance. She came up with ideas for the music that would be played and the decorations that would be at the dance. There also was an issue in the school gym with the climate control system. They didn’t really have any plans to do anything with the climate control system because of budget issues, but she managed to talk them into at least renting a good climate control system for the night of the dance. People thought it was crazy at first until they learned how cheap it would be to rent the new HVAC system. They even decided to go for an air purification system as my wife was telling the people about how important it was to have good air quality and how it ties to the health of our children. They had a vote on these things, and most of the people voted for my wife’s ideas with the HVAC rental. Because my wife was so busy being a chaperone, I was in charge of taking my son to pick up his date. We took pictures and everything and it was a glowing experience for our son! Even to this day, he still talks about how amazing it was that Mom was able to get an HVAC rental at the school for his first dance.



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Getting the fresh air we wanted thanks to air purifier

I don’t ask for a whole lot in my life.

  • And what I have, I’m very thankful for.

So when I would gripe about the air inside my house, it felt as though I was being a bit precious about the whole thing. That really wasn’t the case because the air just contained so many odors. Then the HVAC unit just recycles the air and those odors mix with new odors. It’s a cycle that I really wanted to stop. One might thing that by merely opening a window would take care of it. Well, that would be awesome if it was winter all the time here but it’s not. I live in a region where the air conditioning or HVAC cooling is on from March to November to one degree or another. Of course, once the heat season hits, the HVAC cooling is on night and day. Regardless, for 8 months of the year, we have to keep our house tightly sealed in an effort to maximize our heat pump efficiency. That means zero minutes of open windows for fresh air. Now during the winter, there are plenty of days that having doors and windows open is quite feasible. But that doesn’t help the rest of the year. And I tried things like deodorizers of every variety and flavor. I even went so far as to get an ozone machine. However, none of these options were full time solutions. But the HVAC company did have the solution. And that was the whole home air purification system. It works with the HVAC equipment to completely eliminate airborne contaminants that cause those odors. Now our house smells so great that I can hardly believe it.

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Get better air filter for better indoor air quality

I learned so much while I was hunkered down in the air conditioning in my house for a year. That’s a sentence I didn’t think I would ever say. For one, I never thought I would actually be inside the air conditioning of my home for more than a year due to a pandemic. While I love my house and am thankful to have a place of my own, I spend a lot of time outside of my house. For over a decade, I have worked in the same office. It’s a nice place to work and we even have zone controlled HVAC. That came along after there was a near revolt due to infighting over one thermostat. Outside of work, I have many interests and activities. So staying at home inside the HVAC just didn’t happen all that much. Being forced inside my home, I ended up learning about the importance of good indoor air quality. This is a very important part of our overall and especially our immune health. I had no clue. I thought that all HVAC treated indoor air was good air. I mean then why have an air filter right? Well, the cheap air filters work to protect the health and wellbeing of the HVAC equipment and not our bodies. Plus, poor indoor air quality made the EPA list of worst health hazards. I couldn’t quite afford to go the air purification route. But I did upgrade the HVAC air filter to HEPA filters. These air filters actually remove over 99 percent of the airborne contaminants that mess with our health.

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Keeping my HVAC secure

These are odd times it seems to me. And I mean that more so than normal. But what is normal anyway? That’s a very subjective thing indeed. I can remember when I was a teen, my dad thought the world was going bonkers then. So normal has everything to do with perspective. But the fact that I have to lock up my HVAC cabinet that sits beside my house is not a good sign. That’s especially true give the fact that I live a fairly rural area. What’s next, bars on my windows? The latest trend in thievery targets the HVAC compressor cabinet which sits outside. Thieves sneak up, cut power and then go about completely destroying the HVAC equipment. See, it’s not the expensive HVAC equipment components they are after at all. The HVAC equipment is destroyed and tossed aside so they thieves can grab the copper fittings inside. That’s it. Entire HVAC unit is ripped apart and left strewn across a lawn for handfuls of copper tubing and fittings. Plus, the thieves then only get pennies on the dollar when they sell the copper. It’s just the worst. So I had to order a cage that fits over the HVAC cabinet and is then bolted and locked to the concrete pad the heating and cooling equipment sits on. I never thought I would be in a position where I had to lock down my HVAC equipment. But apparently, that’s exactly where we are now. Still, I have to keep my perspective and realize that perhaps this is normal to someone who comes from elsewhere. It’s just that in a small town, I didn’t think we’d have people so desperate that they’d do something like this. Just shows how much I know.


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My wife finally finds the HVAC comfort she has craved

There is no doubt that I’m the lucky one.

Life really did me a favor when I randomly met my wife.

She and I happened to be standing in the same line at a coffee house that just wasn’t moving. It was cold out and the heating in line was not that great. We were sort of in a vestibule where the heating was not hitting us. I happened to offer her my coat as she had nothing but her work clothes on as she came out of her offices just to grab coffee. Well, history was made there that day due to the lack of an adequate radiant heater. And interestingly enough, the rest of our story also has a heating and cooling element. Like I said, I’m lucky because my partner in this life is the most unique human I have ever met. One thing that she is really different about is her internal thermostat. Just the slightest difference in heating and cooling can really throw her. We live in an old structure but we have new heating and cooling equipment. Still, the house has sort of varying degrees of temperature with a single thermostat setting. This had just confounded my wife as she would have to dress in layers in our home just to go from room to room. I finally made that routine redundant by calling the HVAC company to come out and give us zone controlled HVAC. The HVAC technician was able to do this with our existing HVAC unit. And now, we have 6 independent thermostat zones in the house. This way, my wife can perfectly customize the house to just her precise heating and cooling needs.

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Letting the smart thermostat do the job

I’m not really a dedicated slave to technology.

But that doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate many of the benefits of technology.

And HVAC technology is something that I am recently taking grant advantage of. Look, like anyone else, I know that the world relies on technology for everything. It’s obvious by just how volatile things can get when hackers do their thing. I mean, it’s all connected and we simply are at the mercy of layers, upon layers of electronic technology to have the society we have today. And I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing while I also see the flaws that a reliance on technology has created. So when I am introduced to the latest digital trend, I tend to sort of temper my excitement and expectations. However, the new HVAC technology in my house has certainly piqued my interest. My wife finally just called the HVAC company to have a smart thermostat put in. She had discussed this with me ad nauseum and I just really didn’t care to have a smart thermostat. I was the one who looked after the HVAC equipment and I was the eagle eye on the thermostat setting as well. My wife was convinced that the smart thermostat could make a big difference in costs and convenience. Now we have a smart thermostat and I unequivocally state that my wife was right and then some. This wifi thermostat has saved us an additional 15 percent on our heating and cooling costs while freeing me of any thermostat responsibility. So again, I’m happy to take advantage of the benefits of this HVAC technology.

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Attic bedroom gets its own HVAC

My son is actually living the Greg Brady dream. I’m of the age where the Brady Bunch was appointment television. Or maybe it was just the reruns I was catching as a kid. Anyway, like Greg Brady, my eldest son wanted a bedroom of his own. We agreed but there was the small situation of where and the only place we had didn’t have air conditioning. My son wanted to move into the attic. I mean, I can’t say as I blame him as it’s a nice finished space. However, there was no air conditioning up there. He said he didn’t need all that heating and gave it a whirl. That whirl didn’t last all that long as my son realized that, in fact, he did need that quality heating and air he had become accustomed to. So we decided to call the HVAC company to see what we could do. I thought perhaps we could simply extend the ductwork for heating and cooling the attic. The HVAC professional I spoke with checked the specs on our HVAC equipment. He found that doing this would be too much on the current HVAC unit and ventilation design. However, he did suggest that we use a ductless mini split instead. This was a very cost feasible HVAC option with very minimal HVAC installation hassles. A ductless mini split is simply a ductless heat pump. The condenser and compressor are on the outside and the heat pump is on the inside just like the larger version. It’s just this heat pump doesn’t need ductwork. We put it in and it worked like a charm.


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Cost cutting shouldn’t include HVAC service

This past year has been such a stressful one.

Don’t get me wrong, I am so totally thankful to have gotten vaccinated against this virus.

And I’m so thankful I didn’t lose anyone close to me due to Covid. Still, it was tough and we are still trying to recover financially. My wife lost her job last year and I had to work from the HVAC comforts of home all year. Luckily, my wife was able to get at least some online contract work to help replace her income. And my salary was not the same as it had been when I was in the zone controlled HVAC comfort of our corporate offices. The entire bonus structure was done away with last year. That meant that we had to really work on just what to cut from our spending. However, it really came down to cutting just about something from all of our spending across the board. We did great at saving over 20 percent on the HVAC cooling last summer. It was not that tough although there were times, during the heat of the day, that the house got quite warm. However, that thermostat discipline resulted in hundreds of dollars being saved over the entire period of HVAC cooling. And for us that’s the better part of at least 8 months with 4 of them being intense HVAC cooling use. One thing we didn’t cut was the HVAC service plan. We kept that in place in order to be assured that our HVAC equipment would continue to get the consistent HVAC service from an HVAC professional.
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Get the best out of your HVAC equipment

It’s really not that tough to keep up with the HVAC.

That’s easy to say but sometimes just not the reality of the situation.

Look, I totally get what it’s like to have so many commitments and responsibilities that is feels never ending. And it feels never ending because it basically never does end. There are so many instances where I would like to just sit in the HVAC cooling for an extra ten minutes with my eyes closed. Simply just sit quietly inside my air conditioned home, close my eyes and breathe. Yet, those sort of sessions in the HVAC comfort of my home are few and rare. That’s something that I have to work on. But I have gotten much better about paying attention to the heating and cooling equipment. To me, quality heating and air are essential. So I decided to treat the HVAC unit accordingly. That means making sure the HVAC air filter is changed each month on time. A clogged and dirty air filter is not allowing the HVAC to work at its optimum. This is because a dirty and clogged air filter really restricts the amount of air flow for the HVAC. Thus, it makes it work harder and adds unnecessary stress to the entire HVAC system. Additionally, I have actually done something about the consistency I was looking for when it comes to the HVAC maintenance. I was not good at all at remembering to call the HVAC company. So now that I am part of the HVAC service plan, I don’t have to. They schedule HVAC service and I confirm online. That is a step in the right direction for me to get the most out of my HVAC unit.


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