Is this smart thermostat smart? App is annoying

No matter how many air temperature changes I make on the iphone application, the HVAC system never responds

Sometimes it seems like people are way too enthusiastic about new technology before they really have a chance to test the utility of the gadget in question. Folks are always running to the store and buying us all of the fanciest new devices that are available today. However, a few months later they probably will not be as impressed with the functionality and efficiency of the technology that they fawned over originally. This has recently been my experience, too, with my heating, cooling, and ventilation system. To be more specific, this has been my experience with the temperature control device that is supposed to manage my heating, cooling, and ventilation system. My forced air furnace and air conditioning unit have always worked just fine. However, my central heating and cooling control unit has been a rudimentary and outdated thermostat since I moved into this house. The analog temperature control device never allowed for accurate or precise temperature management throughout the house. I also noticed that my energy bills were extremely high from consistently running the indoor air temperature control plan with zero regard for the number of people in the house. I wanted to be able to change my indoor air temperature and air quality from anywhere, depending on the actual need for heating and cooling in my property. That’s when I had a smart thermostat installed. The problem? The app that is supposed to control my new thermostat doesn’t do a thing. No matter how many air temperature changes I make on the iphone application, the HVAC system never responds. Now I have no air temperature control. Since investing in this new technology I have actually been less financially stable and more annoyed than ever.



Upgrading old house HVAC without ducts

When I was looking for a house I had a few major considerations.

I needed at least two bathrooms in the house because I do not appreciate sharing my cabode with other humans.

I needed some privacy in an outdoor space because I like to garden in my underwear. And I really wanted to have comfortable indoor air temperatures for the first time in my life. All of my prior residences had terrible indoor air temperature control systems installed in the properties when I moved in. I was never in a position where I could make any changes to the building, including the heating, cooling, and ventilation system. It was up to the landlord to call a handyman or HVAC repair shop if anything was going on with the heating, cooling, and air quality control devices. He never wanted to get professional HVAC help, because he insisted that central HVAC replacements are too costly. As a result, I always had extremely uneven temperatures throughout the house and high energy bills. When I moved into my new home I was equally upset to find that I had an inefficient heating, cooling, and ventilation plan that was probably going to break down any day as soon as the outdoor air temperature changed drastically. The indoor air quality control devices were very loud, too. I was tired of the uneven temperature throughout my home so I decided to call a heating and cooling technician. That’s when I found out about the magic of mini split ductless heating and cooling systems. Apparently, it was never necessary to upgrade all the central heating and cooling devices, I could just get smaller HVAC systems dispersed throughout my home.

Wifi thermostat

Neighbor saves my butt and pays for the appointment

I have never been the type of human who had any idea how to maintain a purely adult lifestyle.

I don’t want to say that I did too many drugs growing up, but my brain definitely has not acclimated to being a 35 year old grown up since my hard-lived teenage years.

This is why I am always happy to accept help from the people around me who know more about adult responsibilities than I do. Thank God, my neighbor is one of the most responsible adults I’ve ever known. He has been particularly helpful in all of my air quality control drama since I have moved into this house. To be upfront, I don’t know the first thing about Indoor air temperature control systems, indoor air quality control, or HVAC maintenance. Nobody ever taught me about maintaining a furnace or air conditioning system when I was growing up. I wasn’t even allowed to touch the central heating, cooling, and ventilation plan when I was a kid, all the way down to the dial thermostat on the wall. As such, I certainly don’t know anything about modern temperature control devices as an adult. This is why I had a loud, disturbing heating and cooling system operating in my house for so long. The thing was perpetually creating uneven temperature throughout the house and driving up my energy bills. I mentioned the temperature control problems to my neighbor one morning and was shocked when he told me to call a heating, cooling, and ventilation repair service. I didn’t know how and I didn’t have money for the HVAC service. Bless my neighbor, for paying off the HVAC technician for me.

boiler repair

Do I get a humidifier or not?

I constantly am battling dryness.

For my skin I lotion my whole body every night and after a shower.

I do a special face moisturizer as well. My lips get chapstick while I work and right before bed. I even do a moisturizing cream that is only made for my feet since they get so cracked. Even with all of this, I still experience redness, chapped lips and bloody noses. My house is just a dry pit. I have static shock and my shirts weirdly cling to my stomach because of the static. My hair blows out in weird directions and I even noticed that my electronics suffer due to the lack of moisture. I have been looking into adding a humidifier into my home HVAC equipment. Getting a humidifier installed in the heating and cooling machine is pretty expensive and a lot of maintenance too. It seems cheaper and easy doing a stationary model. Have you ever seen a portable humidifier though? Talk about hideous! They are a giant white box with vents in it. Every single humidifier I have seen is really dirty and wet like too. You need to clean out the humidifier and drain the water quite a few times as well. I don’t know if I want to take that kind of work on. But what do I do about the moisture issue? I also know if I had more wetness in my indoor air quality, my heater would work better. The air feels warmer when it is more moist. I then could lower the thermostat and save some money.

multi split air conditioning

I need to get a snowmelt system

This will be the year that I get a snowmelt system.

For too long I have gone without a heated driveway.

In my area it is snowy and cold most of the year. I also have a pretty long drive to work. I need to get up early in order to shower, have breakfast and drive to the office. I always add an extra thirty minutes to that routine once it gets cold. I need to shovel a path to my car, brush the snow off of it and start the car heater. While the car heating system works to remove the ice from the windshield, I can shower and get ready. By the time I hop in the car, it is perfectly heated and ready to go. I tried just doing an automatic start and having the heater cranked. I thought maybe that would suffice and I could sleep longer. No, the path to my car was still loaded with snow and the snow on the car never melted. A snowmelt system takes piping connected to a boiler system and goes within your driveway pavement. Hot water from the boiler then flows through the pipes and heats the driveway. It will melt the snow, and heat objects touching the driveway like the car. I wouldn’t need to make a path or even scrape. I also wouldn’t need to pre-heat my car if I didn’t want to. The expense no longer will be quite high since I upgraded to a boiler a year ago. Now I just need the HVAC contractor willing to do it and the pipes.

ductwork sealing

What I added to the bathroom

I am renovating my bathroom and I have ripped everything down to the bare studs. I now have a new toilet that is turned allowing for more space. I have a brand new window, cement board floor and I got bathroom ventilation. Adding ventilation to the space is a must. Before when I took a shower the heated air rose to the ceiling and just created condensation. I was fighting mold growth and poor indoor air quality. I spent more for the expensive bathroom ventilation system too. It automatically powers on when it feels heating. It will remove the excess heat from the indoor air and pump it outside. It creates a cooler, fresher environment for me. There is even an automatic LED light when it senses my presence. So late at night I can go to the bathroom in a soft glow. I have been recently looking into fun HVAC vents. There are only three things on my ceiling. My bathroom ventilation system, overhead light and HVACv vent are the only things. My bathroom vent looks expensive and classy. I bought myself an expensive overhead light. Now I need a good HVAC vent cover to tie everything together. I have found ones with cool designs and neat colors. Do I really want to draw attention to the ceiling though? Does it affect how my heating and air works too? I don’t want to change how much heating and AC I get in the bathroom. That would stink if I bought a vent that blocked off air. I need something but, but functional.

boiler repair

I need to set aside time to clean my window air conditioner before it gets too humid

I already miss the winter weather, as crazy as that might sound.

Since I no longer live up north, I rarely experience temperatures below 35 degrees even during the most extremely periods of the winter season.

Often the temperatures outside are in the 50s or 60s with plenty of sunshine as well. The humidity level is commonly below 50% during these periods of time as well. I get to enjoy several months of wearing comfortable clothing. I can manage most days with a long sleeve shirt and a pair of denim jeans. By the time we get to March, the weather warms up even more and I can begin wearing shorts and t-shirts again until the next autumn season. It’s no wonder why so many people flock to this area during winter to escape the freezing temperatures. Unfortunately, our climate isn’t perfect for the entire year. We have an extended summer that mirrors the extended winter in the climate up north. It gets excruciatingly hot and humid outdoors, requiring an efficient indoor climate control system. Right now I get by with a window air conditioner that I purchased brand new last year. It is rated at 10,000 BTUs which is high for a window air conditioner. I can’t imagine having a better window air conditioner, especially when I turn it on after it has been off for a while. It gets so cold inside faster than I could ever hope for. But as great as the window air conditioner is, you have to keep it clean and replace the filters regularly. That’s why I’m taking it apart to clean it this weekend before the weather gets even more humid outside. Higher moisture levels outside yield higher chances for mold growth in my window air conditioner.


Heating maintenance

I’m spending the weekend chopping wood to get ready for winter

This week has been exhausting at work. I’m a car mechanic and it’s getting colder outdoors, with intermittent snowstorms and ice slowly forming on the roadways. We see a lot more car accidents from people losing control on the roadways, but we also see a lot of preventative care appointments. Customers often want to put chains on their tires or an undercoat on the bottom of their cars. The chains provide traction in the snow and ice while the undercoat prevents rusting from the salt put on the icy roadways. As a result, my job as a mechanic kicks into overdrive when the weather starts to get really cold outdoors. This week was particularly painful, and I think I’ll be working overtime hours for at least the next month. Unfortunately, I get little time to prepare myself for the winter season. I have nothing but this weekend to chop a cord or two of firewood so I’m ready to heat my house immediately. With the weather dropping below freezing, my house is getting colder by the day. I wish I had started chopping wood weeks ago. I could have used a few hours every Saturday to get closer to filling the wall in my garage where I store my firewood. It’s important to have a large stockpile of firewood before the conditions outdoors get extremely dire. If we get hit with a nasty blizzard and temperatures outside drop below zero, there’s a chance of losing power as well. In that event, my firewood is the only thing keeping me from freezing to death in my house. And if I’m snowed in without any way of getting my front or back door open, I can’t exactly get outside to chop more wood either.


Air conditioner service plan

My rental home needed a new heating system

I have 3 bizarre rental properties in the northern area of the city.

I rarely get to visit the properties, because I am constantly tied up with work.

I am a general company by trade. I handle numerous bizarre types of condo repairs adore A/C problems, heating system inspections, plumbing repairs, and major construction projects. One of the reasons why I have not been able to visit the properties recently is due to the fact that I have been working on a major commercial construction project. My corporation won the quote to build the new grocery store and I have been downtown everyday. One of the leaseholders that leases a property from me called a couple of days ago because the heating system wasn’t heating properly. I called a heating corporation that I regularly use when I am tied up and backed up with works. The owner of that heating corporation went out to the property to give me an quote on the repairs. When the guy arrived, the leaseholder wasn’t home. I recognizably told the leaseholder that she needed to be home, because the company from the heating corporation would not have a key to her home. The heating corporation company waited for a couple of minutes, although he eventually offered up and left. A few minutes later, the leaseholder called to complain about the heating system again. I politely told the person that she would need to wait until the afternoon now. I asked her to stay condo for the service guy and she left without giving me any warning. I can only do so much to help.

Furnace installation services

The rental agreement didn’t specify the terms of the lease

My bestie and I moved to a mobile condo about more than fivemonths ago.

We signed a lease with the owner of the house.

My bestie and I thought we were signing a lease for 2 years, but we recently realized that the rental agreement didn’t specify the terms of the lease. My bestie and I moved for the truly first time and neither a single of us study the contract thoroughly. When the owner of the property sent us a request to vacate the premises, our bestie and I were shocked and surprised. We instantaneously found our copy of the lease and dragged through the agreement. When we did not locate the information about our 2-year lease, we knew we were in trouble. My bestie and I tried to fight the eviction, but we did not have a leg to lay on. We had to move out of our rental property. We did not get our security deposit return and we did not have any currency to move into a bizarre rental property. Thank goodness our parents let us move back into our old dining room. My bestie and I dislike sharing section with our mom and dad, but at least we have a roof over our head and air conditioner in our dining room. We l earned a lesson from all that nonsense. The next time we rent a piece of property, we will have another party look over the contract before signing our name to the dotted line. That is the only way we can be sure that this issue will not happen to us in the future.

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