Need a vacation

I have to tell you that living where I do with the extreme heat this time of year is quite draining! What I really need is a vacation away from this place in the desert and to be on the beach and the ocean where it is normal Summer weather! But since I do not have the funds to travel right now, I have to settle for time off from work and sitting in my home with my brand new central air conditioning system.

My brand new central air conditioning system is very powerful and I have to tell you that it feels great.

I just got a whole new replacement heating and air conditioning system last month as my old one was on the end of its life. This is why I could not afford a vacation away from this hell hole this year. However, it is worth it. Because the central air conditioning makes it so that I can be in pure indoor comfort throughout the entire season of this awful weather. While last year it was a bit of a challenge because the central air conditioning system was not performing to its best ability. So I had a choice to make. Either go on my vacation, or get a brand new, up to date and very pricey but great central heating and air conditioning system unit. I chose the central heating and air conditioning system unit of course. Because this is what was most important in the long run. I need a vacation really bad, though.


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Summer trip to the zoo

I had taken my kids to the zoo last summer and let me tell you, that was the biggest mistake I could have made! It was way too hot out to be running around outside, and also, with the heat and temperatures being what they were, it made the air quality all over the zoo pretty bad from all the animals and no breeze. The whole day all I personally wanted was to go home and sit naked in my central air conditioning system. My central air conditioning system is one of the best and most top of the line central heating and air conditioning units on the market today. No matter what the weather, it can handle almost anything and provide the best indoor comfort and air quality. My kids were not too affected by the heat and the bad air quality at the zoo that day because they are young and can handle it. But let me tell you, when I got home that afternoon, I was ready to die! My wife had made a nice dinner that night and I was so wiped out I could not even enjoy it.I just wanted to go and lounge on the couch with the quality central air conditioning blasting me in the face from the air vents of the central heating and air conditioning system. The air vents of the central heating and air conditioning system were right above the couch, so I was in the perfect area to just enjoy the air conditioning and refresh myself. Then of course I had a really good sleep!


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Why i was tired

I had been feeling quite tired all the time as of the last few months.

So I had went to see my doctor to see if I had some kind of bad health issue going on.

It turned out after many tests that it was all because of bad allergies I didn’t know I had. Evidently the indoor air quality of my home was really bad. The doctor suggested I take care of this right away before it became a serious health issue, which very well could happen. So I was on the phone to the local heat and a/c company who has great indoor air cleaning solutions as well as your basic heating and cooling needs. And I ordered a whole home air purification system to be installed into my central heat and air conditioning unit. This was going to be an expense I did not plan on and quite an expensive one at that. But I had no other choice because the indoor air quality of my home was this bad all around. A whole home air purification system was going to be the only answer to fix it. A portable air purification system was not going to do the trick because of how bad it was in there. So i got a loan from my bank to be able to do this and make it all come together. Within a week I had my whole home air purification system, and within a few days I was already feeling a lot better than I had been for the previous months.

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This was insane

I was watching the local news the other night and seen something that was the most crazy and no sense thing I think I ever heard in my life! Some teenage hoodlums literally went all out and stole someone’s central heating and air conditioning system unit right off their property! And here’s the real insane part…they didn’t even keep the thing! They ended up abandoning it about a block up the road and left it on someone’s front lawn.

That was good for the owner of the central heating and air conditioning system as all he had to do was call the local heating and air conditioning company to send out a certified heat and a/c specialist to come over and rehook the central heat and a/c unit back up.

If they have an HVAC service plan, they most likely wouldn’t even have to pay for it. But the stupid thing is, why steal the central heating and air conditioning system unit to begin with if they were not going to even keep it or try to hock it for big cash? Stupid kids of today I swear. They make no sense. And on top of it all, they ended up getting caught and are now doing time in a juvenile detention center. All of that for nothing! Like I said, I think this is the most insane thing I have ever seen on the news or ever heard of in my entire full life on this earth to date. Stealing a central heating and air conditioning system only to abandon it not too far from the scene of the crime, and then get caught!
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Our son really loves his birthday gift this year

Our son must have been the happiest kid alive on his birthday.

We had some friends of his come out to enjoy the celebration.

We had a huge cookout with great food and of course we had good A/C inside the house. I actually worked hard to learn how to install a ductless mini split, and I made that happen. I’ll tell you the most challenging part was drilling a hole through the wall and connecting the electric, but I knew that we needed this A/C in the house so we could stop using window A/C units. Those were costing us a small fortune on the electric bills. Anyway, we got our son an electric dirt bike for his birthday and we had it charged up before he was able to go crazy on it. Of course we got him a nice helmet to use so he could go around our property safely. I mean, the bike only goes 17mph, but for a kid on a dirtbike, that’s a good time! When he first put on that helmet, we had to take a picture of him on his bike. Then we got some good videos of him riding around the property. We have a good 5 acres of land, so he was having the time of his life. We even have a few trails that go out into the woods. We said he could ride around those places, as long as he was very careful and kept a portable radio with him so he could contact us if he got hurt. He has been careful, but we have had some really hot days. He always loves to ride back home and take some A/C breaks with our new ductless mini split cranking out the cooling.
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The owner of the country store told me I could install my own HVAC, and so I did

When my wife and I chose a place to live in the country, we decided to opt for a place that wasn’t too far from the main towns.

We wanted to make sure our children had a great school district to attend and we were able to find just the right place.

We’re only about 20 minutes out of town, but we have a good amount of land and not very many neighbors. As a matter of fact, you can’t even see any of the neighbors from our land, that’s how private it is. Well, I was really excited when we discovered this amazing country store that is just right up the road. Surprisingly, they have just about everything you need as far as groceries go. They always have fresh milk, orange juice, eggs, potatoes, apples, and all sorts of grocery items. The thing I love the most is how excellent the climate control system is. I was talking to the owner of the store one time and he was telling me about the climate control system. He said it works along with a powerful air purification system because they know how important it is to have excellent air quality. This was something I totally appreciated, but I couldn’t believe that they installed everything on their own. I had never heard of people installing their own HVAC systems without professionals, but it was something that I thought would be cool to learn. The guy said that I could install my own HVAC at home if I went for a ductless mini split. He gave me some information and I ended up looking into it. I have now installed my own HVAC in my home, and it feels good to have done something like that.

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Decided to go to the country store that I hadn’t been to before

There’s this old country store that we never went to for the longest time.

The crazy thing is that the country store is only a couple of minutes away, and the main stores we go to are almost 30 minutes away.

I mean we live in the country now, but I always felt comfortable shopping at the main grocery stores when living in the suburbs. Well, one day I was asking my wife if she could make a nice breakfast. I wanted some potatoes, eggs, and turkey bacon. I thought some orange juice would be great as well. She said that she would prepare that for the family so long as I went to get the supplies. I was surprised because I thought we had everything. We had a few eggs and bacon, but we didn’t have orange juice or potatoes. I love having delicious home fries in the morning, so I didn’t want to miss out on that. Instead of going all the way into town, I finally decided to stop at the country store. I couldn’t believe I never went to this place before. They actually had the perfect temperature control settings with a nice climate control system. They had a fine selection of food items, hardware, and even toys for the little ones. I ended up just getting potatoes, orange juice, and a couple of tomatoes that were homegrown. I was surprised that they even had a deli were you could choose from a fine selection of lunch meats for subs. My wife was surprised when I got back home so quickly with all the breakfast items. I told her about the country store and how it had the best climate control system. I said moving forward if I didn’t need to do a lot of grocery shopping, I would just go to that country store with the awesome air conditioning system.

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I had fun fixing old stuff that my father kept in the garage

I fixed a bunch of old window A/C units, and I even managed to fix one of the antique heating systems

Ever since I was young, I was working on things like fixing the old toaster my mother wanted to throw out. The only reason why I got the opportunity was because my father always held on to old things like that. He had a bunch of old toasters, refrigerators, window A/C units, and other similar things. He even had a few antique heater systems that he said were worth a small fortune. My mother looked at everything in the garage and was always mad about the clutter. I didn’t mind it at all though, I actually thought it was a great place to work on projects. I asked my father if I could work on one of the old toasters, and he gave me some handyman books to study. He had all these books that explained how to fix all of these items. He said he would have had everything in there fixed, but he just never had enough time with his work. So I ended up working on the toaster after studying how to fix it, and it was surprisingly easy. I had that toaster in great condition when I was done and I was able to sell it for a reasonable amount of cash. My father said as long as I fixed whatever it was, I was free to take the money from selling. He said Mom wanted everything cleared out eventually anyway, and that would be a good start without having to throw everything in the trash. I fixed a bunch of old window A/C units, and I even managed to fix one of the antique heating systems. It took longer to learn how to fix these, but it all sort of came naturally.


We were excited when we got a nice home with an in-ground pool

When we bought a home with a nice in-ground pool, we were excited.

I mean, what is cooler than having a pool in your backyard? Of course we had other amazing features in our home as well, including a fireplace in the living room, an island in the kitchen, and a reasonable amount of land. We already were making plans to make a huge garden and plant some fruit trees. The one time when I was changing the sand for the pool filtration system, I realized that we were missing something, a good pool heating system! This pool was so nice and I realized during the early spring that it would be great to be able to swim during this time! So I started looking into different pool heaters. I have to admit, the gas pool heating systems were tempting. This would allow us to be able to swim pretty much all year round, because the water would remain nice and warm no matter what the weather was like outside. I knew that installation would be very expensive though, and so I looked at the other options. The solar option was looking great, but it was admittedly pretty expensive to have this water heating system installed. Then we looked at the electric water heating systems. These were definitely more affordable and they are fairly efficient at keeping the water at just the right temperature. We ended up going for the installation and we have been happy since. The only things I have to worry about are keeping enough chlorine in the pool, keeping it clean, and keeping the PH levels balanced.


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We decided to look into pool heating systems to extend our swimming season

When we bought a home a few years ago, we were happy that it came with a pool.

Given, it’s an above ground pool, but it’s a fairly large one and it’s been kept up reasonably well.

Since we enjoy swimming so much, we decided that we needed to invest in a good pool heating system. We ended up looking into our options and came to learn that there are three main types of pool heaters. You have your electric, gas, and solar. We learned that electric is easily the most common type of pool heating system as it is not overly costly and works well. We didn’t think we would need a gas pool heating system because we never thought we’d be in a rush to use our pool. The main benefit is that gas pool heaters can heat your pool within hours as opposed to days. If you are entertaining guests regularly, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have one of these. If you plan on using your pool year round, it would also be a great option. We just wanted to extend our swimming season by a good amount, so we found that solar was a great choice. The best part about the solar is that the sun’s energy is supplied for free! You basically just get some solar panels put on your roof and get it all hooked up so that the water from the pool flows through the panels and heats up naturally that way. We ended up going for this installation and we have been enjoying a warm pool even in the early spring and late fall!



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