Deciding which gym I should go to

I attend two separate gyms, depending on how ambitious I am.

If I want to go the convenient route, I drive right in the local area and do the bigger gym. It is literally just a few minutes away and located right next to the grocery store, pizzeria and bank. I can complete all my errands and a workout in just a couple hours. The actual gym is nothing to get overly excited about. The fitness equipment is either out of order or in terrible condition and outdated. The locker rooms are always wet, dirty and smell slightly moldy. There are very few towels available and the workers aren’t helpful. The gym membership fee is really cheap compared to most other options. The other gym I belong to is a core progression center. I drive 45 minutes to get there. The training facility is near nothing convenient. I just need to spend a lot more time to accomplish my workout. It’s a whole day investment. I am a little busy to attend this gym very often but the membership is a lot more money. The personal training center offers fitness classes led by trained experts. I get one on one secession and private attention whenever I have a question or need assistance. Everyone is friendly and all the equipment is in perfect shape. Everything is so modern. The locker rooms are kept clean and offer excellent water pressure in the shower. I just love visiting the core progression because the experience is so much more beneficial. I just can’t always make that big of a time investment just for a work out. Most of the time I just head to the inferior gym. Sometimes I decide that I deserve a little treat. I know I get a much more strenuous workout when I take advantage of the personal training center.


Semi-Private Fitness Training

I have made improvements in my health due to nutritional counseling

My personal training center provides nutritional counseling and strongly encourages it.

The idea is that I am supposed to participate in group fitness classes to burn calories, build muscle tone, improve balance and develop a system to further assist in a healthy life.

For a long time I didn’t bother with nutritional counseling. I didn’t like the whole food pyramid and somebody telling me what I can and can’t eat or my monitoring my position sizes. One day I just decided to give it a try and see if it was truly a waste of time. The woman was quite pleased with my regular diet but then made a suggestion that has improved my life. She asked how much sugar I eat and I had to admit a large amount. Not only was my sugar intake causing me to struggle with weight loss, but the woman suggested that was why I suffered from such bad acne. She mentioned that I should eat cleaner in order to have clearer skin. She also recommended taking vitamins and a few better skin care products to me. I have started a healthier way of life after talking to her. I have changed how I eat, manage the care of my face and have started taking daily vitamins. I have noticed my skin is far more clear and even my teeth look better. My hair is shinier and I have quite a bit more energy. And I enjoy the benefits of weight loss too. I just look all over better and more fit. There are times when I feel as if my skin is glowing. I am so happy that I talked to a professional and am now being much better about my day to day life.

Personal trainer

Virtual lessons are more difficult

I am a certified fitness trainer.

I used to work in a larger gym teaching fitness classes.

Now, due to COVID I am kept at home. I decided to take a proactive approach to earn my living and teach classes online. Doing online fitness classes is not pleasant. None of my students have access to any equipment at home so I have needed to alter the training sessions so they do not require it. I make sure there isn’t a lot of movement, because people don’t have a lot of room. Basically I rely on a lot of yoga poses, static holds and weightlifting using random objects. I don’t feel I can manage as beneficial of a workout with limited space and equipment. Another issue is the reliability of the WIFI. My internet link as well as my students’ gets messed up every now and then. Technical difficulties can take up a lot of the class time. Another issue is that my family can’t seem to respect when I am teaching. They come running into the room and interrupt. I frequently have the dog running around and barking during class, my kids begging for a snack or my husband calling out to me from the other room to me. Fortunately, my students all find it amusing but I don’t. I feel unprofessional and worry they are not receiving their money’s worth. Ideally the virus will disappear soon and I can return to working out of the fitness center. If not, I might convert my outdoor shed into a fitness area and purchase some equipment. I could teach lessons virtually or offer class for a small group of people who would come to my house. That might be the better plan. Hopefully COVID will not continue to be a factor.

Workout classes

Debating whether I should invest in workout gear

Due to COVID, everything is shut down.

I can’t go to any of my favorite restaurants, bars, movies or even my personal training center. I had a great schedule going for a while. Three days per week I took a group physical training class with a certified fitness instructor. We did mainly weightlifting with some cardio in it. It was really great getting a strenuous workout completed, heading to the office and then having the rest of my evenings open for fun activities. I shed a bunch of weight, had lots of energy and was making friends in my class. Now that the virus is ruining everything, I am left with nothing to do. I stay at home to work, eat, shop and entertain myself. It is really difficult to work out. I used to enjoy a fitness class that provided access to all the gear. I don’t have any hand weights, jump ropes, wobble boards or medicine balls at my house. I keep expecting the virus to go away so that I can get back to my training center. I don’t want to invest in a bunch of gear that I might only use for a month. I have been thinking this since March though. If I would have bought the stuff right away, I would have gotten six 6 months of use out of the equipment already. I keep thinking that my fitness center is going to reopen and offer classes again. I recognize I might need to start taking my fitness to the next level. I may need to purchase some gear and machines to make my workouts more beneficial. I have already started to gain back the weight I have lost.


Wellness and fitness

Getting started at the gym

I was nervous the first time I stepped into my local gym.

I bought the gym membership, dressed in the proper clothes and instantly headed to the treadmill.

That was all I knew how to do. For nearly a month, I strictly ran or walked on a treadmill. While I worked out, I would watch to see what other people were doing and how they used the machines. I gradually learned how to adjust an elliptical, stationary bike and rowing machine. I then began working my way over to the weightlifting equipment. Eventually, I realized that my gym offers group fitness classes. I can take physical training classes, yoga or spin classes. It took me several weeks to get up the confidence to try them out. I had never attempted yoga before and I don’t consider myself all that flexible. I decided to give it a chance. I began by standing in a back corner and just doing my best while the personal trainer led class. I was pleasantly surprised that the beginner class wasn’t too strenuous for me. I went to class three days a week and increased my stretching at home. I realized I was ready to bump up to a more difficult class. I then took that level of class for a year. Now I am in advanced yoga. I do complete way harder poses and hold hand weights during class. I also take a spot in the front now. I have gained confidence in my work out abilities and I know I can handle all the aspects of the class. I know the personal trainer by name and have made friends in class. Signing up for gym membership ended up being a really rewarding idea for me.


Yoga studio

Fitness challenge is aggravating

My brother’s Tammy is a one-upper.

  • She continually brags about how strong she is, how intelligent and how she can do everything better than everyone else.

She often wants to challenge people to ridiculous competitions. Needless to say, Tammy and I don’t get along. I am a certified fitness instructor and I teach group and semi-private personal exercise classes. I don’t consider the fitness classes I run as my own personal workout. I am a member at a different gym where I do weightlifting, cardio, core strengthening and stretching. I also do a lot of activities at home. I keep in fantastic shape and it is important to me for my health. Plus, my job demands it. Tammy always attempts to challenge me. She wants to find out who can wall sit the longest. She asks me to do push up contests and see who can do the most ab crunches in a minute. There is no possibility that she could beat me. I can hole a wall sit until the end of time. The amount of push ups I do is obscene. I have had defined abs since I was 15 years old. Tammy is soft and chubby. I never take her up on her challenges. I avoid doing this for the sake of my brother. The last thing I want to do is embarrass the woman who is my sister-in-law. I have to say however, I hate ignoring her taunts. One of these days I may agree to a contest that actually teaches her a lesson.

Corporate Wellness Programs

I do not like expensive HVAC companies

This is why I dislike expensive HVAC companies

I really do not like expensive HVAC companies. I hate it when HVAC companies charge outrageous prices for their services. However, I understand that HVAC companies have to make money, and charging these prices is one of the ways that HVAC companies are able to make money in the first place. Still, I would rather hire an HVAC company that actually charges fair prices. If you were to do a survey of all of the HVAC companies in your state, you would probably find that most of the HVAC companies charge hundreds of dollars per hour for the labor of their HVAC technicians. On top of that, the HVAC companies are also overcharging you for the parts that they need to repair your HVAC unit. Sadly, these prices are far too. I would not be upset if the high cost of labor that the HVAC companies charge actually went to the HVAC technician that did the work. That would make the charges seem fair. The HVAC technician did the labor. Sadly, if you take a look at the wages that HVAC technicians get paid, you would discover that HVAC technicians make far less than the national average salary. Where is this money going? Sadly, this money is going into the pocket of the owner of the HVAC company. This is why I dislike expensive HVAC companies. I don’t like HVAC companies that get rich off of the labor of HVAC technicians that they pay too cheaply. I would rather hire either an HVAC company that charges cheaper prices or an HVAC company that pays its HVAC technicians fairly.


HVAC tune-up

The HVAC company is way too pushy

The HVAC company in my area is way too pushy, and I do not like it. We only have one HVAC company in our area, and this HVAC company is very aggressive about the services that they offer. First of all, the HVAC company is constantly advertising their services. Nearly every day, you can find a video of the HVAC company on the television or a printed article about the HVAC company in the paper. I don’t quite understand why the HVAC company spends so much money on advertising. The HVAC company is the only one in town, and anyone who needs their HVAC units fixed already hires this HVAC company. However, this HVAC company does not stop there. Whenever you hire the HVAC technicians to fix your HVAC units, they are constantly pushing the HVAC inspections. I know what the HVAC inspections are. These HVAC inspections allow the HVAC technicians to come to your house twice a year to inspect your HVAC units. Apparently, it is supposed to prevent problems from surprising you. However, I hardly ever have to fix my HVAC units, so I wouldn’t be saving money by paying for the HVAC inspections. However, every time that I have an HVAC technician to my house, they are constantly trying to pressure me to sign up for the HVAC inspections. I have to listen to them lecture me about the importance of my HVAC units, and it is definitely annoying. I wish that the HVAC company wasn’t so pushy. However, I don’t know if the HVAC company is ever going to change its ways.


climate control

I am trapped in bed, and I cannot adjust my HVAC units

I am trapped in my bed right now, and I cannot adjust my HVAC units. Honestly, that is the most annoying part about breaking my leg. I recently broke both of my legs, and I am in a full cast. Normally, they would give me a wheelchair for this, but I haven’t been using the wheelchair much. I do not live by myself, so I have people that take care of me while I am broke. The only issue is that I have a hard time getting out of bed. Thankfully, I have a bathroom right next to my room if I need it, but adjusting the thermostat is a different story. It is the middle of summer right now, and it is very warm. However, the air conditioner is not set to the right temperature right now. I usually have the thermostat in our house set to a very cold temperature, but normally, I am not under a ton of blankets. Therefore, while the thermostat is actually set to the normal temperature, I am still warm because I am under a blanket. I want to adjust the thermostat to get there room to a cooler temperature, but unfortunately, I cannot get out of bed easily. It takes a massive amount of effort to get out of bed and wheel myself over to the thermostat. Furthermore, I wouldn’t even know what temperature to set it too. Right now, I cannot do anything about the thermostat, so I guess that I am going to have to learn how to be uncomfortable. The thermostat is just another example of why I should have been more careful. I broke my legs, and a thermostat is another one of the consequences.


ductless HVAC

I have nowhere to store my HVAC units

I have nowhere to store my window air conditioners, and it is really annoying. When I first decided to buy a few window air conditioners, I definitely was not thinking about where I was going to store the window air conditioners. The only thing that I was thinking about was how hot it was in my house. I bought a house that does not have a central air conditioner. I thought that I was far enough north to avoid any of the terrible heat, but after living there for one summer, I realized that I should have bought a house with a central air conditioner. However, being able to afford a central air conditioner at this point was too expensive, so I decided that the only way that I was going to be able to have an air conditioner was to buy a few window air conditioners. I bought the window air conditioners and immediately felt cool relief. Window air conditioners are very easy to install, and I was able to install them very quickly. I used the window air conditioners for the entirety of the second summer, and I loved it. However, when winter came, I was reminded that I had to uninstall the window air conditioners. However, when I thought about it, I had nowhere to put them. I didn’t have any storage. I ended up having to leave the window air conditioners in the windows, and it made my house very cold during the winter. I guess that I should have thought that through. Well, I am still happy that I have window air conditioners.


Ductless multi split