Smart Thermostat Makes a Good Gift

I was feeling a little sad when it was coming close to our partner’s birthday.

I had no idea what to get him and the time was of the essence.

She kept going on about how she knew I was going to get him the most perfect birthday present. I thought about what I had gotten for him in recent years. I recall the portable furnace that she easily liked. She easily still uses that occasionally. I have gotten him all sorts of power tools, and I guess a man could never have too numerous tools. I wanted a gift that was more personal though. Then it hit myself and others when this Heating and Air Conditioning commercial came on. They were telling about a lot of amazing Heating and Air Conditioning systems and smart thermostat that are popular now. They had this identifiable smart temperature control highlight that had a modern look and indicated what the outside temperatures are also. It easily functioned in a way to anticipate the outdoor weather conditions and save quite a bit of money on the energy bills. This is what I ended up buying for him. I was a little nervous when she was ready to open our gift even though I believe she would still love myself and others regardless of what I gave him. Even if she wasn’t all that thrilled, she might say it’s the thought that counts or something cheesy prefer that. She looked pleased when she opened up the gift and saw the new touch screen smart temperature control. She truly couldn’t wait to install it and she got to toil on it immediately. Before I knew it she had the smart app uploaded to both of our cellphones and she was showing myself and others how to adjust the temperature control settings with the phone.

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Mini Air Conditioners Were Not a Good Buy

My wifey has been angry lately because I keep watching infomercials on cable at night. I don’t have a clue why but these stupid infomercials are addicting. I start getting hooked in seeing these wonderful indoor grills or flashlights that also have a knife and a corkscrew. I have ordered things such as washable air filters which aren’t so poor but our wifey prefers HEPA air filters. I recently purchased a bunch of portable air conditioning units. While they made it look fabulous on TV, they aren’t so good in real life. My wifey wouldn’t have been miserable if I didn’t order a dozen! I figured the two of us could have 1 of these portable air conditioning units in every room of the residence. My wifey thought I was nuts because these portable air conditioning units were battery operated. You have to add water for them to toil and they don’t even cool a small room down more than a few degrees. I had to admit, they were smaller in real life than how they appeared on television. I couldn’t get over how comfortable it looked when they were demonstrating these cooling machines, even though I guess they were just exaggerating it… Now I have a dozen cooling systems and it’s tough to get a hold of these people to return all of them. I might just keep 1 of them in my den, even though I easily don’t want to have all of these. I wouldn’t even give these away to buddies and family out of fear of having them laugh at myself and others for purchasing all these weak cooling machines.
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HVAC at the Little Shop

My father opened up a little convenience shop when I was a little youngster.

I remember how hard it was at first because she couldn’t afford everything that was required, prefer a nice Heating and Air Conditioning system. The shop was super hot at first in the Summer with only fans used to make it more comfy. Eventually when she finally got air conditioner, her store was quickly easily popular. All the kids from school would come for the candy and the fountain drinks and she even put in a little arcade for the adolescents to hang out. As long as nobody caused any difficulties, everything was okay. She did have to call the cops on a few occasions, but it was just a few adolescents attempting to steal some candy. I worked in the store ever since I was about twelve, and I enjoyed more great temperature control settings. My father was sad about the energy bills even though I told him to also consider client satisfaction. She admitted that it did make sense to invest more in a/c for the buyers. Eventually I talked our father into investing in a better Heating and Air Conditioning system for the store – a commercial appliance that was far more energy efficient. She ended up agreeing with me. It’s a ductless mini split and it’s easily the style of Heating and Air Conditioning system that is ideal. It is harshly energy efficient, doesn’t use ductwork, and has heating and cooling capability, and you can even hook up a smart temperature control and adjust your temperature control settings from wherever you want. After the two of us have drummed up business, our father has been talking about handing the store down to me. I’m not positive if I’m ready for that yet but she thinks so.


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Forsaken Hammer for HEPA Filters

Have you ever had those afternoons when you go to the shop for something but end up leaving with something else? That happened to myself and others recently.

The thing that makes myself and others angry is the fact that the two of us live in a rural section and the store is far away.

I went there for a specific thing in mind and I ended up looking at these HEPA air filters that were a good deal. I started thinking about how it would be nice to have better air quality and I even was discovering how good these air filters are for your respiratory health. I had to get a few filters not only for our beach house but for our siblings and parents. I was so excited to get everybody HEPA air filters to try that I forgot about what I went to the store for. When I arrived back home, our partner asked immediately where the hammer was. She had asked myself and others to go to the hardware store to get our household a new hammer since our old hammer’s handle easily broke while she was hammering some heavy duty nails on a project she was completing. That totally slipped our mind when I saw those HEPA air filters. She easily was also a little excited about those air filters and quickly installed 1 and threw out the aged air filter. She said she was sure the air quality was improving. But she was disappointed because she would have to return to the store to get the hammer she needed since she couldn’t complete her project without a hammer. I wish I would have written it down or something, even though I didn’t think it was necessary to have a list when I only had to choose one thing!

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Different Weather Conditions Dictate HVAC Needs

One thing that I never easily understood while growing up was that there are a lot more venues in the world than our little hometown.

Of course, don’t get myself and others wrong- I knew other venues were even in existence, of course, even though I didn’t easily understand that different venues meant different weather patterns.

I thought everywhere was a more-or-less humid coastal town with an average temperature of 72 degrees. When I went off to university, however, and had our horizons unavoidably broadened, I realized that there was a whole slew of different weather patterns in the United States; way more than I had ever easily taken the time to discover. One of our classmates in our freshman year had remarked how cool it was that all of the dorms had cooling systems in them. That remark struck myself and others as so odd though- why wouldn’t we have a/c? Apparently, she was from up north, where cooling systems were not the norm. She had explained that there just hadn’t been a historic need for cooling systems like we need here, where I was born and raised. Another of our friends had remarked that for her folks, in the mountainous mid-west region of the United States, her family had a furnace to serve as a heater, in lieu of the familiar AC unit. She even went on to say that every year her family had an Heating and Air Conditioning supplier come and inspect and maintain their furnace to ensure it was well equipped to handle the dire cold fronts that dominated the region. Hearing about the different climates all of our classmates were from was easily interesting to me, especially because I learned about how that fact had so greatly influenced all of our cooling and heating appliances.


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Get Your Furnace Taken Care of Before December

Here’s the thing- I was born and raised in the south; our hometown was a veritable tropical environment .

And of course, this comes with an entire menu of pros and cons, perhaps the consequence with the greatest real-life impact is our inability to get through the winter.

Born and raised in the tropics, our homeostasis is predicated on our environment not increasing below 60-something degrees. When I went away to university, I quickly befriended a beautiful woman named Elise; she’s our best buddy to this day, and has only 1 major character flaw- she’s from the north. Of course, environmental stigmas aside, the issue I have with her venue of origin is that she never stopped teasing myself and others when I complained about feeling the dire effects of a non-coastal winter! I love winter, I do! Just… from a distance; through a window pane, watching on as I’m happily surrounded by our modern furnace and well-heated home. I truly enjoy Wintertide scenes, prefer frozen lakes and snow-frosted evergreen firs are genuinely beautiful and awe-inspiring! However, our opinion on their beauty quickly diminishes if our heating is not working, or, god-forbid, our furnace needs to be replaced. My dear buddy once regaled to myself and others the sad story of her family’s heating going out in the dead of winter, and how they had to call the Heating and Air Conditioning provider; they needed a furnace service right away, and the furnace service they usually used was slammed with calls. They needed an Heating and Air Conditioning supplier to come in and do a complete furnace replacement, because their furnace repairs would have been overpowering! Can you imagine? That’s why I’m quite diligent about getting our Heating and Air Conditioning supplier to service our furnace before December arrives. I never want to experience such a thing!



Pleasant Weather of Fall is Reminder to Get Heater Inspected

One of the things my granddad impressed upon myself and others as a young kid was the importance of being prepared! Whether that meant getting to the bus stop on time, or stocking up on soup cans before a winter storm was due to hit, granddad made sure I was prepared for anything and everything life had to toss at me.

In hurricane seasons, the two of us boarded up the windows in preparation of the onslaught; in summer, the two of us prepared for the daily rainstorms by making sure our garden was properly irrigated. And in the fall, our uncle constantly made sure the two of us were ready by having our Heating and Air Conditioning equipment maintained before wintertime hit… She constantly made sure to emphasize how important it was to regularly and diligently get our cooling system and furnace took care of by our local Heating and Air Conditioning company, making sure it was in top working order ahead of when it would be required was the best way to do this, too, every year in fall, our uncle made sure to get in touch with our Heating and Air Conditioning supplier and schedule them for a routine cooling system and heating service. “It’s better to be prepared than to be forlorn.” Not only was that our uncle’s number one saying, it was the slogan for the Heating and Air Conditioning supplier near us. Having our cooling system/heater equipment in tip-top shape was integral to us never dealing with any mishaps or needing any repairs during the Wintertide months. While some people had do suffer through the issue of calling in a Heating and Air Conditioning supplier for an urgent repair, my family remained happily heated and toasty in our residence because we had prepared for the cold weather ahead of time by getting our Heating and Air Conditioning equipment maintained, the two of us were more than ready for whatever Wintertide had to toss at us.


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Radiant Heated Floors are a Good Option

When I graduate university, I am thinking of moving to Canada; I’ve constantly been transfixed with the “Great White North,” and as I’ve grown up, and my life interests have grown with me, it seems to be the perfect fit for our future work; Of course, moving so far past the equator is going to be a pretty big change for me, as someone who had grown up in boiling weather conditions of the south.

I have yet to move away from our hometown’s temperate paradise, so our temporal tolerance pretty much stops at 65 degrees fahrenheit! For the couple of weeks a year when the thermometer dips below our personal lower limit, I’m frozen to the bone, instantly chilled.

So, due to our subpar cold tolerance, and our want to move to a much less tropical location, I’ve settled on wanting to install radiant floors in our future home! I’m easily praying that Canada has a monopoly on good Heating and Air Conditioning suppliers, because I genuinely believe the only way I can manage in such an environment is with the assurance of warmed feet. I mean, before I even move in, I’m going to have called some sort of furnace service, or Heating and Air Conditioning supplier to have the furnace inspected, as well as installing heated flooring. I’m sure our dog will be a fan of the heated floor install as well; I’m sure she will enjoy the constantly-warm flooring, as opposed to her current, lackluster and non-temperature controlled existence. In all seriousness though, just the thought of waking up on a bitter and snowy day, getting out of our hot bed, and stepping onto a warm, heated floor, set to the ideal temperature; I just believe I’ll be able to cope with anything the Great White North has to toss at me.

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Jetson’s Here I Come

So, I believe that laziness is bad; I do, and i’m well aware that lounging in bed for the entire day isn’t really the most productive way to live.

I believe that I need to leave our bed in the afternoons- for if no other reason than to not be like Charlie’s bed-ridden Grandparents from Willy Wonka, but the thing is though, I am hard-pressed to remember a singular feeling nicer than waking up to a cold day and being comfortable and swaddled in blankets from our bed.

If I could have a Jetson’s way of living, perfectly automated to service our every whim, I believe I would pursue a life of leisure. I’d love to press a magic button and make our beach house clean, or get my breakfast cooked, or get our automobile started and heating up before I am out the door. The truth is, though, the world is still numerous years away from a full-replication of Jetson’s life. But, I will admit, there’s a recent invention that has started our movement towards such an idyllic lifestyle. There’s this thing called a smart temperature control now; basically, the temperature control links to your cellphone via wireless, but and while that on its own may seem pretty amazing, the easily futuristic part is that you can completely control the temperature of your residence from your cell phone! I want a smart temperature control so badly- never again would I have to struggle through the tribulation of leaving our hot bed for the chilled halls of our house. As soon as I open my eyes, I can just make sure our furnace is on and set to the ideal temperature. Before coming inside from doing stuff in the yard? I can click on our air conditioner to make sure our residence is as perfectly weather conditions controlled as possible. In the kitchen but I’m a little chilly? No need to get up and walk to the temperature control! This is no longer the work-filled afternoons of the past- no, all I need to do nowadays is whip out our smartphone and just press a button; smart temperature controls are totally the way of the future.


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Traveling is a lot nicer when you have a RV with air conditioning inside

My family used to take road trips once a year while my sister and I were still kids.

  • We lived up north and would pack up the car to visit my grandmother and great grandfather down south.

Since both of my parents traded off driving while the other slept, we never stayed in hotels along the way. It was always a straight shot from home to our destination in the subtropics. Even though we had a van to travel with, I always felt cramped for our 20-hour journeys. Back then I had a tape cassette walkman that I took with me everywhere I went. I had a small case that I kept all of my cassettes in at the time. Much of my memories from those trips came from me staring out the window for hours while listening to albums on my walkman. I enjoyed gazing at the mountains when we drove through the foothills of the Appalachians. The highway cuts through areas with massive rock cliffs where you can see the layers of minerals and sediment from the ground up. The colors of the cliff sides in Kentucky are especially memorable. These days, I have a much better way to travel across the country. Instead of packing my family into a small van to travel the country, I bought an RV. Just like a van, RVs come with air conditioning control inside. But you also get a small kitchen area and a bathroom with a shower, sink, and a toilet. Not only can my family travel comfortably on the highway, but we can also go camping while retaining indoor air conditioning. It’s nice having a nice and cool place to sleep at night instead of getting chewed by mosquitos in a hot and humid tent.

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