Not sure if I want to renew gym membership

I have been wavering on whether or not to retain my gym membership.

During the next month, I’ll be asked to pay my dues for the upcoming year.

The fees are quite expensive. I feel guilty spending so much money on something I don’t take advantage of every day. With the requirements of my job and little free time, I often only make it to the gym once per week. However, if my schedule frees up, I head to the gym at every opportunity. I frequently stop by on the weekends and sign up for whatever group fitness class is offered. I really like the yoga, pilates and spin classes. I love that the gym features such a broad range of modern equipment. I have access to all sorts of styles of treadmill, stationary bike, elliptical, rowing machine and stepper. I really look forward to using the rowing machine. The majority of the machines feature a monitor that provides for a more interactive workout. I can customize a program, compete in a virtual bike race or run up the steps of a European castle. All of those machines are a fun way to take care of my cardio. I am able to burn a lot of calories in a fairly short amount of time. There is also an inventory of machines designed for toning and building muscle. Each one concentrates on specific muscles and I usually move from one to the other until I’ve completed a circuit. This works my shoulders, back, triceps, biceps, butt, thighs and calves. There’s plenty of weight benches, heavy bags, free weights and yoga mats for stretching. Once I’ve finished my workout, the locker rooms are large and kept tidy and clean. The showers offer lots of water pressure and there’s a stack of towels there for my use. No matter what the weather brings to my area, I can always get a strenuous workout in. There’s no way of duplicating all of those amenities by setting up a home gym.


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New Year’s resolution to workout leads to personal trainer

For the majority of my life, I’ve struggled with weight gain.

I’ve never been obese or even considered chubby, but I always had a couple extra pounds to lose.

Every year, for my New Year’s resolution, I’d make a vow to get in better shape. More than once, I invested into a gym membership. I’d go to the gym a couple of times and then lose interest. I joined several different types of weight loss groups but never had any success with that either. I’ve followed along with workout videos and diet fads, but never stuck with anything for more than a couple of months. This past year, when I decided to sign up for a gym membership again, I spotted a flyer advertising personal training services. I contacted the trainer and we met up for a consultation. The personal trainer asked a lot of questions concerning my eating and fitness habits, ultimate fitness goals and we talked about my lack of follow through. She wanted to pinpoint exactly what caused me to give up on all of my many weight loss plans. Each time, I’d grown bored and discouraged with the lack of progress. She said that if I committed to her program for three months, I’d see significant improvement. We started meeting four times per week for sixty minute sessions that were extremely demanding. The trainer had me springing, jumping rope and completing all sorts of mountain climbers and burpees. We went through a series of lunges, squats, jumping jacks and used free weights, resistance bands and weighted balls. Some of the exercises were new to me and yet super effective. She insisted I join a yoga class on the weekends and set up a strict diet plan. I was really tempted to quit a few times. I stuck with her instructions and never cheated for those first three months. I began to see and feel the improvement in my body. I dropped the extra weight and built some impressive muscle tone. I felt stronger, healthier and had way more energy. It’s now been nearly a year and I’m still meeting with my personal trainer every week.

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Weather changes sends me indoor for workouts

It’s the end of May, and the weather is quite unpredictable.

We’ve seen several weeks of sunshine, clear skies and mild temperatures in the high seventies.

It’s been the ideal conditions to spend time outdoors. Nearly every day, I’ve been able to exercise on my back deck. The deck is large and elevated off the ground. It provides a lovely view of the woods and lake behind my house. I am able to breathe in fresh air while I go complete a series stretches and my warm up. I spend about an hour to lifting weights, squats, ab crunches, lunges and jumping rope. Now and then, I go one a four mile run. During the afternoons, I like to work on my gardens, preparing them for the upcoming winter. The leaves on the trees are turning colors and most of the perennials in the gardens are turning brown. I still need to mow the lawn, but I’m also sealing up the house against the upcoming sub zero temperatures. Just yesterday, I woke up and found gray skies, rain and a temperature of 49 degrees. Rather than shorts and a tank top, I dressed in a sweatshirt and long pants. I was forced to handle my morning workout inside the house. For a break, I chose to ride the stationary bike for an hour. I managed to burn 500 calories while reading a book. This whole week, it is supposed to be wet, chilly and downright nasty outside. I really don’t enjoy working out in my living room. There is hardly any space and I am concerned about causing damage. Now that the cold weather is settling in, it will remain for at least the next six to eight months.

Yoga studio

Kickboxing is a great workout

Two day a week, I head to the health and fitness center for a group session.

The class is a yoga based workout. I like it for the stretch and improved flexibility it offers. The personal trainer asks us to do a great deal of weight lifting. To get more cardio intensity, I also do a kickboxing workout several times a week. I enjoy kickboxing because I target all areas of the body and it really gets my heart pumping. I like supporting myself against a wall and throwing roundhouse kicks in the air. My butt and quads start to quiver because they are working so hard. I do front kicks, snap kicks and rear hooks to work the rest of my leg muscles. The punching drills I do are really great for my biceps. If I really feel like being tough on myself, I will lace up my boxing gloves and hit a bag or shadow box while holding weights. The added weight in my hands increases the demand of throwing a punch and really works the arms. If I want to concentrate on my abs, I do crescent kicks that move the leg across the body. I need to twist at the waist in order to extend for the strike. I try to put in an hour of kickboxing and can hardly make it to the end of the session. At around 45 seconds, my body is totally spent. I’ll have sweat running down my face, dripping in my eyes and my shirt is drenched. That is when I know I got a great workout and I can cooldown and stretch.


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Struggling with weight gain

A month ago, I forgot to take one of my birth control pills.

I saw that I was swallowing a Sunday when it was actually Monday.

Shortly after that, I began feeling nauseous and lethargic. I immediately jumped to the conclusion that I might be pregnant. When I began putting on weight, I assumed that I was certainly expecting. I recently started my period. Now I have proof that I am not pregnant and have realized I’m just getting chubby. I think I was using a potential baby as my excuse to ease off the intensity of my workouts and snack during the day. I am paying the price for my lazy behavior now. Being pregnant would have offered an excuse for a bit of weight gain. Now, I need to get it into shape. I struggled to self-motivate like usual. I lack the energy to go for runs and I am not comfortable riding my bike for a workout. I do a lot of squats, crunches and push ups. Other than that, I am not sure what else to do to improve my fitness level and lose weight. I need to go to the local core progression and enroll in personal training sessions. I need a certified fitness expert providing new exercises to try and guiding me through a more intense workout. I would like someone encouraging me and offering advice on how to be healthy. I am not severely overweight. I simply need to shed a few pounds. I think that a trainer could give me a proper workout plan and I could improve my stamina and strength very quickly. I just need to put in the time and effort.

Personal Training

Hoping to tone arm muscles

I recently have been taking a physical training class twice per week so I can work on my arms.

When I workout by myself, I never seem to get around to doing any arm exercises.

I usually warm up by going for a brief jog or bike ride. I like stretching, performing leg drills and abdominal crunches. I am not happy when any of the exercises target my arm muscles. Rather than be totally mismatched with my whole body fitness level, I am making it a priority to be entirely healthy. The physical training class is plenty strenuous and really works my arms. I expected to do some push ups and hold plank positions for a few minutes. The fitness expert has us working out with battle ropes, tossing a medicine ball back and forth and even using weighted poles. There are kettlebells, dumbbells and this little wheel I roll to extend my body into a pushup position. I am hoping for the day that I feel confident during class and my arms look toned. Right now, I spend the whole class whining, wanting to quit and wishing for it to be over. My arms get sore to the point where I have trouble adding shampoo to my hair or even lifting them above my head. I thought that participating in the class 2 days a week would make my arms stronger much quicker. Maybe I need to start lifting free weights on the off days to be better prepared for class. The personal trainer says she is working on toning my arms. I feel as if I’ll end up looking like the Rock when she’s done with me.



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My sister has a treadmill and a pool

I love watching my sister’s dog. My sister earns a lot more money than I do and her house is totally amazing. She has tons of bedrooms and bathrooms. She has a super modern Heating and Air Conditioning system, swimming pool and a wide range of fitness equipment. When I stay at my sister’s, I treat her home like it’s a vacation at a resort. I only have to walk, play and feed her dog to pay for my stay. Then I get to use all the amenities provided. I usually start my day by running on her brand new treadmill. Her treadmill doesn’t include dials or buttons. I simply hop on and start to run. If I lean forward, the belt rotates faster. When I lean back, the belt slows down. This style of equipment encourages me to run much harder and faster than I would naturally. After an intense run, I like to cool off in her swimming pool. I swim some laps and then spend my day playing with the dog, lying in the sun and taking dips in the pool. One time, my sister asked me to stay at her place for almost 2 weeks. I definitely lost a few pounds during that stay. I spent every day doing several workouts and was always active. Someday I plan to have saved enough money so that I can afford to have a home gym or at least a swimming pool. Having no access to fitness gear, it is more difficult to get a strenuous workout. I usually have to go for a run, do crunches or complete a bunch of lunges and squats for a workout.

Group Fitness Training Classes

Recovery after injury

She has given me a series of exercises to not irritate my knee, and build strength in my legs

I was involved in college gymnastics. I was part of the team for a while but I often had an injury that kept me out. Working through an injury was an aspect of the sport. Following graduation, I quit tumbling. I assumed everything would heal up quickly. I have noticed that some of my injuries refuse to go away. My left knee is always kind of sore. I can’t sit on it or squat too long, or I am in pain. I have difficulty kneeling down for periods of time and I try not to sit with my legs in tight. I also have a problem with my shoulder now and then. I can still move around and continue with regular life, but sometimes during a workout there are things I can’t do. Squats and lunges are exercises that I avoid. I recently joined a core progression located near my house. They offer health and recovery programs. The recovery programs are designed for people with injuries who need assistance working out. I didn’t feel qualified for this since I can go about my daily tasks without too much difficulty. I still gave it a try. Most of the people in the class are older and trying to increase strength, balance and range of motion. There are a few people who were involved in severe accidents and suffer daily pain. I am a one of the only people with a sports related injury. It doesn’t seem to make a difference. The personal trainer instructing the class is wonderful at catering to everyone’s needs. She has given me a series of exercises to not irritate my knee, and build strength in my legs. She helps me stretch my shoulders properly and I’ve gotten to where I don’t experience much pain.


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My workouts are a priority on vacation

People are often surprised to find me working out

Some people consider vacation as a chance to kick back on the beach and relax with a book. They consume lots of alcohol, sleep late and relax all day long. When I take a trip, I treat it like a challenge. I am determined to get my money’s worth and I want to see as many of the sights as possible. I don’t visit tropical islands with white sand and a swim up bar. I typically travel to a foreign country where I can experience the sights and sounds of a new culture. I spend my holidays in a rental car driving from one place to another. I spend my days hiking, kayaking, paddle boarding, bike riding and even scuba diving. My trips are a physical adventure for me. I never sleep in. I get up super early to complete my workout and have the day free to explore. No matter where I go, I always have some way to workout. In the bigger cities, I usually find a fitness room. As long as I have a treadmill, a few hand weights and a place to stretch, I am satisfied. I need sufficient room to practice some tuck jumps, squats, lunges and leg lifts. Other than that, I can manage. In the smaller towns of the places I explore, it is sometimes impossible to find fitness gear. I try to choose a hotel that has a great deal of property surrounding it. I then get up early with my bluetooth portable speaker and complete a yoga based workout on the grass. People are often surprised to find me working out. Apparently most tourists don’t workout the way I do. I make my fitness and physical activities a priority no matter where I am.
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My boyfriend quit the couples fitness class before seeing results

My boyfriend Max and I decided we wanted to sign up for a couple fitness class at the core progression gym.

There were multiple couples and one personal trainer to guide the class. All the fitness activities were set up as partner work. We went through weight lifting exercises with battle ropes, medicine balls and weighted poles. I would push Max’s feet down when we performed leg lifts targeted at ab strengthening. Max would motivate me to complete more push ups. Three days per week, for an hour, we had fitness class times. Max has now quit attending the class. He whined about being sore, too busy and not seeing an improvement in his body. I continue to go to core progression, but I need to take a different type of class because I lost my partner. I enrolled in a group physical training class and I like it even better. When I began working out, I didn’t really enjoy it. I felt sore, exhausted and wasn’t seeing results immediately. I was able to push through that initial challenge to then see benefits. I have now been working out long enough that I am seeing the rewards of my dedication. I have lost almost nine pounds of belly fat and gained quite a bit of muscle. My legs and arms are far more toned. I feel so much more energized. I am proud of myself. I have been attempting to get my boyfriend to return to the gym. I think he needs to try a class geared towards men and stick with it for several months. I want him to feel as fit and healthy as I do. It is going to be difficult to motivate him to try again.
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